Martin Armstrong Warns Gold May Have Just Received A KISS OF DEATH

gold kissA $30 pop, followed by a brutal take-down on rumors next week’s BREXIT vote will be suspended. 
Did Gold Just Receive the KISS OF DEATH? 


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From Martin Armstrong:

QUESTION: Marty; This pop in gold smells like another manipulation. Everyone was saying Soros is selling everything and buying gold. They seem to have gotten the bugs buying with two hands again and they sold it to them. When will these games end? Ever?

ANSWER: No professional trader would EVER divulge his position unless he was trying to exit. Gold did not exceed the technical analysis resistance.  It is so easy to get these people to buy the highs every time. That is how manipulations have always worked. They are to the upside, not to the downside. They need volume to make a profit. Never to simply suppress a market with no volume and no profit.

We exceeded the 2015 high which can be positive long-term, but it can also been the kiss of death. Watch the video. The Reversals will always define what is real and what is fake. Just watch the key numbers.


Regarding the death of Jo Cox:

Jo Cox

British Labour politician Jo Cox, who was against BREXIT, has been assassinated. A gun-wielding man fired twice, and kicked her as she was lying on the floor while shouting “Britain first!” This is warning what our computer has been projecting; if the BREXIT vote fails, there will be a serious rise in violence in Britain. We will also see the issue of Scotland breaking away from the UK resurface. As we have warned, we are entering the year from political hell with FOUR major political elections: BREXIT, US Presidential election in November, and the German and French elections.

The idea of federalizing Europe to end war was precisely the cause of a right wing rising all around Europe. Brussels is causing political unrest and this is very serious moving forward.

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