Marshall Swing: What Do Dow 26,000 And Silver Have In Common?

“What they want you to do, and what they are going to force you to do (with the 2018 Global Economic Crash),  is put your full faith, future, and finances into…”

by Marshall Swing via The Church of Acts

As we went over DOW $26,000 today there was a little raid in silver and not so much so in gold…

But is this the raid I referred to in earlier, recent posts?

Well, it is NOT a significant break to the Line of Lateral Movement.

Of great note, in gold Friday, there was a HUGE Commercial Gold accumulation of Longs, after what was structured to appear as a short raid in both gold and silver.

When I saw the gold long accumulation, Friday, I knew exactly what I had to do.

The Commercials are making it look like a failed short covering raid (and I know that because?) because price bounced back up so quickly.  Many metal’s writers fall for those head fakes which are nothing but covert operations which Jamie Dimon probably and affectionately terms as Blythe’s Black Ops…

Most metal’s writers suffer from the disease of HOPE.  That is HOPE that the Speculator’s can somehow win the war, crush the Commercial’s and obtain a free market in the metals…


Donnie Brasco explains “Fugetaboutit”

As long as the Commercial’s hold the overwhelming percentage of shorts/contracts then there will be no free market.  The Speculator’s have no coordination in what they do…

Friday’s Gold Long Accumulation was done to give Speculator’s hope for change and also to accumulate contract positions in the future long sell/short covering instantaneous RAID.

DOW 26000 was opportunity enough for the Elite to whack silver and gold, and that sure is common enough to metal stackers.

As we wave downward to DOW $26,000, there are many more “wonderful” quarterly reports to enthuse those whose life savings are in 401ks, multitudinous “tax free” vehicles, and dinosaur-istic pension programs that the Elite want to end forever.

Like gold and silver, tax free/tax deferred investments are seen by the Global Elite as money that does not work 100% for them.

What they want you to do and what they are going to force you to do (with 2018’s Global Economic Crash) is put your full faith, future, and finances into their totally “trustworthy” hands in their Fall 2018 recovery, and cashless world, run by THEIR Blockchain (Blythe Master’s) of choice.  They are going to sell it to you as the END of ALL financial volatility/uncertainty and the END of ALL crime and money laundering so you WILL willingly put your full faith and trust in them and only them.  If there is no more uncertainty, then you do not need things like gold and silver in your possession, right?  And you do not need more conservative, archaic, future retirement strategies either.  Just assimilate!  The SYSTEM takes care of its own.  And with that, it starts…

(See the Beast mentality in the video here: )

You WILL bow down to them and submit to them.

Those who do not…

…will be executed on a guillotine of your choice…

But the WHY of HOW the executions and how we/they get to the point of requiring executions, which we read about in the book of Revelation, has not become clear yet.  It is written in Revelation 12 but no one ever sees it.  In just 16 months, it will be clear!

The Day of Financial wReckoning is coming and coming quickly.

It may, in fact, be this July: July 2018 Global Economic Collapse Plan?

Shalom, from The Wilderness of Southern Illinois, drink up all the physical silver and gold you can, before July 1,