Marshall Swing: This Morning’s Moves In Gold & Silver And Some BIG NEWS About July 27th, 2018

Marshall just sent us an update on gold & silver, but he also just revealed something very peculiar about events leading up to and on July 27th, 2018…

Editor’s Note: If there is anybody unaware of the Global Economic Collapse Marshall is predicting, he laid out the case in a series of four posts:


by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts

There is still no indicators, in my mathematical model,  of an upside reversal in the metals. As of Friday morning, 6AM.

The chart shows what I regard as a very mild position stabilization indicator and I make the assumption this is for the purpose of finishing their operation in silver the last 2 days.  I think the Commercial’s operation in silver is to reposition the price mix for the next downward thrust.  Remember, they do not need to reposition gold, AT ALL, as far as the price mix of the longs and shorts because they hold such a strategic LONG stranglehold on Gold, which they have been lessening but it is still HUGE.  Silver, not nearly so much.

If I were still in trading this ride, then I would have already sold to cash because my rules state that I am not greedy and I take profits and run once I reach $0.50+ gain or in a quick price change I might go as far as $1.00+ but rarely more and only if it is a nice surprise.  The Commercials can position reverse within 30n minutes and change price direction that fast, if they want to but usually they try to not draw too much attention to themselves (I know you guys hate me for revealing your tactics and I am completely ready for you thieves…)

I became aware of something else last night, and you see it in the 2nd chart.

Is this HUGE?  Maybe…

Apparently there will be a lunar eclipse on the 27th which is the last day of my timeframe which I revealed and published on January 26, 2017 more than 1+ years before any other analyst anywhere in the world starting writing about pointers to a summer crash.

Now we have a lengthening list of events set for this time frame and nothing has happened, not even a small event, and there is nothing to make me think everything the Elite have planned in order to bring about their total cashless world where all the people of the world are made into their financial and social slaves is not absolutely RIGHT ON SCHEDULE.

Time will tell, of course…  Time proves everything.

I am merely the Messenger who is pointing to the signs and interpreting them how I see them.

You have to answer to your spouse, your family, your friends, and your neighbors, IF you have read these articles of mine, and you have not done your due diligence and prepared yourself and them.

Get ready NOW, turn all your cash and cash based investments into CASH and buy silver and gold.

Shalom, from The Wilderness of Southern Illinois where the GMO corn is already grown high and the chemical farm pollution, called modern agriculture, can indeed make shallow and deep wells dangerous…  (I have 6 different filters in line on my drinking water which I get from the city)

Part 5 in my CRASH series will be sent to SD on Sunday morning.

Stack for all your worth!


PS…  UPDATE on my update!!!  It is just after 8AM CST now and I see what on the monitor what appears to be a clear cut position reversal at 7AM using the 30 minute bar (in silver, and somewhat in gold, this may be the position REMIX before the next leg down).  Be READY!