Marshall Swing: The Elites 2015 Global Economic Collapse Plan Exposed

nuclear dollarThis appears to be the date when The Elite plan to crash the world’s economies and quickly institute their one world government and one world currency in the ensuing chaos:


Submitted by Marshall Swing:

The cover of the year for The Economist magazine has generated speculation about The Elite of the world for many years and what they do in the world economies and how they do it.  The Economist magazine is well known to have its roots in Rothschild ownership and control.  This, of course brings to mind the other Elite of the world and their minions, those who attend Bilderberg conferences.  The Elite, of the world, who are said to control the world economic scene, are sometimes listed as:


Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)


Cavendish (Kennedy)     

De Medici     







Sinclair (St. Clair)     

Warburg (del Banco)     

Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)


You might enjoy this picture of how the world works:


01 Pyramid of power - all seeing eye - financial elite



Pictures and articles on The Economist magazine are the legend of “conspiracy theories” ad infinitum.  But no cover in the history of The Economist has generated as much speculation as the January cover of 2015.  Many have tried to speculate on what everything means but you will not find a thorough analysis out there that reveals the messages behind the pictures.


This day it is revealed what The Elite intend to DO.





First thing we notice is this picture as a whole is a takeoff on the Beatles 1967 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band:


The Beatles - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band



The second thing for Westerners is the Japanese or Korean text, at the top.  Why put it in Japanese?  There is Chinese text below the bold 2015.


After that we see various world leaders, politicians with President Obama (the Anti-Messiah) front and center.  There is the comedian W. C. Fields in the background.  There is also an expressionless man wearing an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset.  If you ever saw the movie series Apocalypse those types of headsets played a role in the Anti-Messiah system, enslaving people who put them on and performing miracles.  It is amazing how video games have captured hundreds of millions of people and delivered them to becomes slaves of computer software spending endless hours connected to virtual systems and not in the real world interacting with real people they can see and spend time with, meaningfully.  There are 2 terrorists.  There is Alexander McQueen’s Bird Nest Headdress which purports to be duck eggs with Eagle’s Wings and one cannot miss the Isis Ishtar implication of fertility.  What looks like an Asian military member has his arms raised in the surrender position and has a mask on as if there is bacteriological danger.  And a NASA rocket launch in the background.  There is David Blaine, famous illusionist.  Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors.  Putin, Clinton, Merkel, Holland, Obama, Zi, Cameron, Bachelet.


And then, there is the Pied Piper.  More on that one later!


The images tell the story!


Obama – President Obama is standing slightly in front of all the other political leaders and rightly so as he is the Anti-Messiah who will soon be the leader of the world.  Once the Global Economic Collapse of 2015 happens, he will rush in to save the day after the mortal wound takes out the current world economic system and voila, a new system is born upon which all the world agrees to be a part of and follow.  This event will fulfill this scripture: Revelation 17:12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority one hour as kings with the beast.”


Two Faced Globe – This tells the entire story in two faces!  Asia is angry with the West and sick and tired of being controlled by the West and taking a back seat to the West.  They have more people and the West continually exploits Asia’s natural resources and manipulates commodity markets so Asia does not get a fair price because of unfair trade and commodities manipulation and much wealth via commodities and manufacturing is moved from Asia to the West by the fiat, paper dollar which the Federal Reserve controls with a tight, resolute fist, inflates at will so Asia cannot possibly catch up to the Elite.  The Elite are the face of resolution on the West side of the globe and Asia’s wannabe’s are on the East side of the globe and they are very angry and tired of the domination and want to throw it off their backs.  They are primarily China, Russia, India, Brazil, South America, aka the BRICS and many others who are considering joining them or have expressed interest in joining them.  The Elite will never allow them to gain a footing in currency control via the IMF or through any other means.  This is all out war for survival of the fittest and The Elite are the fittest, smartest, and most prepared for any event that comes their way through decades of planning and strategizing.


Amazon Drone – Drones have become a way of life and most people accept them as inevitable whether in war or commerce, police protection, or otherwise.  Amazon represents all that is wrong with society economics in the mom and pop bookstore can no longer compete as larger and larger warehouse bookstores drive them out of business and obtain lower prices from manufacturers via larger orders and sales volume therefore most citizens flocked to the larger bookstores first, now Amazon online.  Amazon is far more than a bookstore, of course.  It is taking over commerce, sort of like the Walmart of online.  All this means money is driven away from local businesses and to the corporation’s the Elite control and the people love it and worship it for the sake of lower prices instead of the people demanding all wholesalers be able to buy from manufacturers at or near the same price in order to foster competition.  Money and profits are constantly driven to the major corporations who lobby Congress and buy off governments for the sake of maintaining The Elite in their power structure and the people nod their approval like sheep led to the slaughter.


NASA Rocket – No doubt this is a NASA rocket, probably some sort of spy satellite.  The U.S. and the West use these satellites to control the world and see every movement of goods and services, troops, manufacturing, development, etc that is made throughout the world and know exactly what is going on all the time everywhere in the world.  Control is the keyboard and knowledge is power.


Mushroom Cloud – This indicates a major bomb event in 2015.  With two terrorists on the cover, indications are for significant terror events as we approach the end of October thru December.  If you read the news, recently there was a major terror event supposedly thwarted in Malaysia, but if you look to the far left we have an Asian holding up a Singapore banner and wearing a cap that indicates there will be an explosion, perhaps in Singapore.  I personally believe most “terror” events are orchestrated by secret military industrial complex agencies gone bad.  I believe 911 was such an event.  There is far too much evidence indicating the Twin Towers and Building 7 were orchestrated demolitions.  Terror is great business for the military industrial complex.  It means WAR and huge profits through the supply of an endless array of military needs.  We know from history many, many, red flag events were perpetrated that most people still believe were bonafide attacks, like the Gulf of Tonkin and many others.  This is all about money, folks, not peace through strength.  There is far too much evidence of the bankers who control the world supporting Germany in WWII and their war machine buildup to think these people are not right at it again today doing the very same things.


Egg Basket & Eagle’s Wings – As stated earlier, fertility is the main subject.  The fertility of the West is what this picture is about and the message is the West is the mother of the world and you do not mess with mother.  She controls everything and always will.  The eagle’s wings are from Scottish wild eagles and the United States was birthed like a wild eagle supposedly searching for peace and tranquility but gave birth to the imperialistic, war machine it is today gladly sacrificing the lives of its young men without any declaration of war in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and many others and label it the “war on terror” and give the President Anti-Messiah Barack Obama carte blanche access to perform “national security interests” wars at will.  Congress has abdicated its position as the declarer of war by the people’s representatives.  Instead, now the U.S. military is merely an arm of big business and the military industrial complex and its reach around the world is not about peace in any way shape or form but about commerce.


The Two Fish – The two fish represent the plight of the oceans.  The sea creatures are witnesses against the modern commerce of man which cares not how they pollute the earth’s oceans or lands.  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY(economy), STUPID!  Thousands of articles and research now show us the oceans are hopelessly polluted and every single fish from the sea, tested, has various levels of man-made chemicals in them.  There is the radioactive poisoning from Fukushima which is showing up on Western United States seas where various sea creatures have unexplained skin lesions and sea weed is contaminated.  There are simple things like articles on tiny plastic beads used in toothpaste which pour billions of pounds of plastic into the nations creeks, rivers, and ultimately oceans every year and the fresh and salt water life eat them up.  Think about that the next time you buy fish at the market.


The Communist Bear – As in bear market, the significance of this cannot be overstated.  At the time The Economist magazine cover came out, China was in great shape and things were going up, up, up.  Notice the underwear, this represents the red star of communism.  The economies of China and Russia have been devastated and The Elite knew far in advance this was going to happen because they engineered it through currency and banking wars.  Capital is being called/drawn away from the countries of Asia to the West, crippling Asia as it leaves.


The Sumo Wrestler – Japan.  The question is can the fiat paper, quantitative easing, inflationary experiment done in Japan so long ago ever go positive again?  One chart tells us the story over a 30 year period:





Things are pretty hopeless in Japan and only a total debt wipe out will recover them.


Speaking of a total debt wipe out, this is what this article is primarily about after the top story The Elite will maintain total control over the world.


Now for the MEAT of the message!


The Rugby Football Earth – The 2015 Rugby World Cup is hosted by England from September 18 – October 31st.  The championship is played on Saturday, October 31st.  If you look on top sports popularity statistics, rugby hardly gets mentioned but here it is on the cover of The Elite’s magazine.  For one reason and one reason alone, they are giving you the timeframe of events that will position the West in total control and domination of the world’s economies and peoples – from now until October 31st is the general timeframe.


The Cheshire Cat – Extending right out of Obama, the Anti-Messiah’s leg with not root or branch.  We see other people’s feet behind Obama but do not see where this dead limb the Cheshire Cat is on so we know Obama and those who control him are the Cheshire Cat.  The Cheshire Cat has secrets and illusions and smiles right in your face knowing exactly what they are doing and preparing themselves for a great meal.  That is the source of power of Obama’s never ending smile and charisma and why they selected him as the one to bring home their power base. He is their creation and little is known about his past as he keeps many, many records secret unlike other past Presidents and there is the continuous controversy over his birth. They pull the strings on the entire world and they do it daily.  Those unfamiliar with why I call President Obama the Anti-Messiah should read these 2 articles here:


In these articles, I demonstrate why Obama may be the Anti-Messiah written about in the book of Revelation.  There is far more evidence than the 2 articles I offer and in the near future I will publish that evidence researched by others and available at other websites, as well.


The Piggy Bank – The Piggy Bank is exploding to a new place in economic history.  Its previous home in the U.S. Dollar is about to end and is being replaced with a one world currency (sort of like the U.S. Dollar) but will be a cashless or near cashless world with the United States and the West at the top.  He who holds the most gold makes the rules!  The U.S., on paper, holds the most gold.  IMF senior attorney turned whistle blower Karen Hudes made the casual comment a few years back the U.S. has 170,000 tons of gold in the Bank of Hawaii.  She was in a position to know.  The book Gold Warriors documents how this gold was extracted via the Japanese in WWII and afterwards.  If you have not read the book Gold Warriors, I strongly suggest you read it quickly:  The Elite will use this gold to back their soon coming one world currency and one world government, after the crash that devastates all the world’s economies.  Moving to their cashless system will be the only alternative for the world’s nations and they will love it.


The Ghost Holiday – This indicates there will be a worldwide “holiday” by Halloween, October 31st and means the 2015 Global Economic Collapse will happen prior to October 31st and for other reasons I say it has to happen before that date.  I suspect most of the Elite and their minions will be someplace warm and tropical as they watch the rest of the world go into a deep economic freeze.  The picture almost looks like Hawaii where Obama vacations.


Supersonic Car – The Bloodhound SSC built to achieve a speed of 1050 mph and break the world’s land speed record by 33%.  This just shows us how incredibly vain man is and what he chooses to pursue contrary to God’s Word while there are starving children and homeless all over the world.  The project is the culmination of 8 years of research and development by over 350 companies, universities, plus government and military engineers.  Its debut just happened to be on September 23, 2015 a perfect prophetic Jubilee of days from June 7, 1967 when Israel gained control of Jerusalem in the 6 Days War.  What are the odds?  I have written for a long time September 23, 2015 was the start date for Daniel’s 70th Week and all that we see in the book of Revelation will be fulfilled in the next 7 years.


The Drumset – The drum set is a curious thing as it has the American flag on one tom and the British Naval Ensigns flag on the other tom, then there is the guitar with the British flag sticking into the bass drum and the bass drum as 50th on it.  If you count from 1967 to 2015 it is not 50 years, but if you count the prophetic Jubilee from 1967 to 2015 (17,640 days [49*360]) then you see it is a Jubilee of prophetic length, 49 years, exactly from June, 7, 1967 to September 23, 2015.  So, basically the picture represents The Elite who are the controllers of Britain and the United States in a “drum” set and they DO march to a different drummer.  I think they do, in fact, know the prophecies and the counting required to arrive at this “50th”.  Lastly, notice the reflection of 50th!!  Upside down on the floor is 20FY.  20FY is obscure, to say the least, but my Google searches came back with this YouTube video music with no lyrics:  DJ T – R U Ready For The War Dance (Original Mix)

“R U Ready For The War Dance”?  Do you think The Elite know something is coming in the form of a war very, very soon?  Of course they do!  They orchestrate all wars…


Spiderman – Next we have the web slingin’ superhero, Spiderman, who is out in front of everybody else except Obama, the Anti-Messiah.  Spidey, our personable, favorite superhero, is there to equate Obama’s power with a superhero Anti-Messiah who will pose himself as the savior of the world’s economy and the power of the U.S. gold will cause Obama to be able to enforce his godless political agenda on all the countries of the world or else they could be destroyed economically.  Once the crash happens the world will be temporarily thrown into chaos and will be desperate for a solution.  They will all choose Obama’s solution, except perhaps North Korea and I think maybe the U.S. has an EMP surprise in store for them and a revolution in their near future, we’ll see how it unfolds.


The 2 Arrows – Arrows denote death/killing.  These appear to notate the dates of November 3rd and November 5th.  My guess is this could be the dates for terror operations of taking “care” of a couple of countries that are not cooperating with Obama and his one world government.  Or perhaps an EMP military action against North Korea is in store on those dates and maybe another country?


The Ball – This has been said to be a cricket ball but I think since it has no lettering on it, it is much more.  It has the appearance of a Christmas ornament.  This could be a message that all that goes wrong in the world will be rectified in most of the world by Christmas.


The Dirt and the Nuclear Explosion – I think someone, somewhere is going to get reduced to a pile of rubble.  Is this the terror event in Malaysia?


The Helicopter – The writing on the helicopter is “CROP – O – DUST” and it is a crop sprayer.  A crop sprayer spreads hazardous chemicals on crops they call insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides and in general are committing SUICIDE of the people by harmful chemicals never meant to be breathed or ingested by mankind and most of those crops are GMOs.  These chemicals disrupt the body’s normal functions in many, many various ways particularly endocrine reproductive functioning.  Think population control…


The Painting – “La Belle Ferronniere” is a portrait of an unknown woman attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.  From Wikipedia: “The painting’s title, applied as early as the seventeenth century, identifying the sitter as the wife or daughter of an ironmonger (a ferronnier), was said to be discreetly alluding to a reputed mistress of Francis I of France, married to a certain Le Ferron. The tale is a romantic legend of revenge in which the aggrieved husband intentionally infects himself with syphilis, which he passes to the king through infecting his wife.”  The most famous of da Vinci’s painting is Mona Lisa and everyone has been wondering for centuries what is the secret behind her smile and we might think no less of this woman as well.  China is the adulterous mistress of the BRICS and the aggrieved husband is the United States and the West.  All that China has is due to the wealth of the West and China realized, at some point, their eternal slavery to the West and has decided to over throw the U.S. Dollar and The Elite husband will not allow that.  The Elite husband has infected himself with debt and derivatives and has infected all the rest of the world so that the economies have been structured for just such an occasion as this once the IMF move China and its yuan currency into a more elite basket of currencies in 2016.  But before that, the West will answer with the Global Economic Crash of 2015 although all this will probably be blamed on China and their economy and articles in Western economics are already pointing fingers at China.  And you thought Greece would be the catalyst of the collapse?  Whatever the first derivatives catalyst will be, many others like Greece will follow within minutes as a domino like derivatives crash reduces the currencies of the world to near zero in an hour or more/less.


The Little Girl – Reported to be Alice in Wonderland.  She is pure, innocent, naïve, and represents those who are pure in heart and spirit, the righteous and those who would be righteous before God.  She is watching all the events in the world with utter amazement and wonders what all these things in the news means.  She is considered by The Elite to be a child and inept and in a sense she has put herself in the child-like position by not taking dominion in the countries of the world.  She is about to be utterly shocked into reality.


The Vehicle – This is a Land Rover Defender, apparently.  It is a rugged, all-terrain military vehicle with gun mounts that made it into civilian production and gained popularity.  It is indicative of increased militarization of police forces, swat teams, city guerrilla warfare, and armored military vehicles becoming more and more common in every day life as well as movies, TV shows, and video games.  It is significant of a sick society where killing has become part of everyday life whether actual or in various entertainment media.  Coupled with the Amazon drone, the terrorists, and the bombs, we see these things have not only crept into society and world politics and wars have become commonplace and accepted as national security operations.  Mankind is enslaved to the military industrial complex propaganda.


The Little Boy Eating Noodles – Yes another hungry innocent whose clothing and noodle basket show he is enjoying the fruit of economic success given him by the West but his elders have opted to separate from the West via the BRICS and throw off the chains that bind them and enslave them and the West is very unhappy and will bring them again into submission.


The Little Boy – He appears to be sort of a teeny bopper and innocent much like the little girl but notice his jaw has dropped as he looks at the PANIC BOARD and realizes what is going on with China!!!


The PANIC BOARD – On the PANIC BOARD, we see “green light!” at the bottom and “sis” what is probably Crisis.  At the top, we see FEDERAL RESERVE and CHI which is what is reported to be China.  The ball falling off into the bottomless chasm is the red star of Communism and apparently The Economist admits to CHI being China.  This tells us The Elite have issued a green light for the fiat machinery of the West to engineer an economic collapse in China and Russia and they certainly have a very good start on it so far this year and the end of the year is not even in sight.  We will never get past the end of the month…


The Asian Lettering – I went to several Facebook friends in Asian seeking answers to the script lettering on the cover.  They have told me the lettering at the top is Japanese and do not know its translation.  But, an electrical engineer in Singapore gave me the translation of the lettering under the bold 2015.  Below that lettering, in English, it merely reads “The World in 2015” but in Chinese I am told it reads “the world will become like this”.  The Elite are saying that events will cause all these things to happen and they broadcast it many months in advance and they knew it much longer before that!  They are the ones who plan these things…


Which, finally, brings us down to the next to last image…


The Turtle – I loved turtles since I was a kid and collected them and made a turtle farm in my backyard.  They go about their business and never bother anyone else.  The marks above the turtle shell indicate fright.  This turtle has turned its head and alarm has overcome him.  Turtles have 5 toes on each leg.  This turtle only has 3 visible legs, not even a reflection of the fourth leg.  Thanks to an astute, SilverDoctors reader of my articles, and good friend in Phoenix, AZ, I became aware the turtle in this picture has 4 toes, 2 toes, and 3 toes on its legs.

4 is the 4th Quarter.  23 is the day.  October, 23, 2015 appears to be when The Elite plan to crash the world’s economies and quickly institute their one world government and one world currency in the ensuing chaos.


With Obama meeting with Zi, Putin, and the Pope, and others of the United Nations, last month, starting on September 23, 2015 (the day which I believe is the start of Daniel’s 70th Week) I suspect he laid out all or most of the plans but I do not know for sure. 


And now the final image…


The Pied Piper – If you go to my website, and go to the next to last image in the slider you will see months ago I placed an image of the Pied Piper there.  I did this for a very specific reason because I fully understand who the Pied Piper IS.  The Pied Piper in literature is a story about a guy who came to a town hired to lure rats away but when the town refused to pay him, he lured all the children out of town with him via his music.

Thus, the Pied Piper was used to lure the bad elements out of the town so the people could have rest from the infestation.  When they do not pay their rightful payment to the Pied Piper they themselves become rats, so the Pied Piper lures the children away from the town in order to protect the only remaining good people in the town from their law breaking parents and elders.  In other words, this is the story we find in the Bible…  God set up His Law, verbally, in the beginning and creation rebelled (did not pay) so God flooded the earth and started over with Noah and His family.  Then things got bad again so God selects Abraham’s family through Isaac and Jacob to deliver His Law, written this time, via Moses and that is the Law that rules the world to this very day and as the Apostle Paul says in Romans 7:1 “a man is under the law (of YHVH) as long as he lives.  The Pied Piper (YHVH God) is coming again.  And when He comes, He will take the children away (the righteous and blameless) and all the remaining people will be left to their own devices and destruction.  This is the full story of the Bible and the Gospel, in a nutshell, in an obscure piece of literature.


The Elite HAVE TO CRASH the economies of the world and form a one world government and one world currency, which will give them total control of the world for their future bidding and pleasure.  If they do not do it now, the BRICS and their friends will gain world economic domination, in a very short time.  Originally, the IMF was supposed to announce a SDR currency change on October 20th but, on August 11, 2015, the Executive Board moved that date up as the current basket of currencies and their valuations have been extended to September 30, 2016.


Many, many overtones and currents are at play on the world scene and the BRICS nations in particular have set their agenda to rid themselves of the imperialistic U.S. Dollar enslavement and be free and have international trade not beholding to the empire of the West and be free to grow beyond the capability of the West and then they are the ones calling the shots.




The following is the Summary Section of my prophetic spreadsheet.  




If you do a little math, you will find from October 24th, 2015 until the date of the Abomination of Desolation is 1230 days, inclusive and from October 24th, 2015 until the date I show as being Revelation 12:6 and 12:14 which is 4/6/2019 is 1260 days.  Obama begins his reign as Anti-Messiah in the one world Beast economic system on October 24th, 2015, after the Global Economic Crash of 2015.  The most likely date for that crash, according to the cover of The Economist magazine is October 23, 2015 as can best be determined.  All the clues are there and the other timeframes set and laid out plainly, in front of us.


The commandment of God in Revelation 3:18 in the Last Days is this:


Revelation 3:18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich


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