Marshall Swing: The Anatomy Of The Kill And Global Economic Crash Set For July 20 – 27, 2018

Marshall just got out of the paper markets as he prepares for the globalists to move in for the kill. Here’s what Marshall says is coming…

Editor’s Notes: If there is anybody unaware of the Global Economic Collapse Marshall is predicting, he laid out the case in a series of four posts:


by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts

With my long sale, short sell, and short covering, I am now out of futures, in cash, and headed to nothing but bullion, FOREVER, as far as I can see.

EVERYTHING appears right on schedule to how the Commercials would unload their short positions which I detailed in writings in the 2015/2015 timeframe.

The Commercial Banks took their first MAJOR shot in Asia last night unloading tons of shorts but no real significant drop in price.  This maneuver is unlike any I have ever seen before in that they did not really attack price with respect to the percentage of shorts they unloaded and  Speculators took the bait as Commercials sucked up longs at the bottom while Speculator hedge funds (managed money) sold short on what they thought would be a significant price raid to profit.

This is the first step in the eventual FLIP to LONG by the Commercials by July 20-27 with the FINALE in the Global Economic Crash of 2018 which leads us right to a CASHLESS world crypto currency for every m an, woman, and child, on the planet.

This is the setup for the Beast of Revelation Financial System but the cashless world that arises in about October will NOT be the Mark of the Beast yet.

The Mark of The Beast is instituted in early April 2019, in my humble opinion, due to the world’s HORROR after witnessing the Revelation 12:14 MAIN EVENT, which kicks off the 1260 days of PLAGUES by The TWO Witnesses upon all the peoples of the earth and the world responds with issuing The Mark Of The Beast to every man. Woman, and child.

Shalom from The Wilderness of Revelation 12:14, TO BE, get all the silver and gold you can get NOW in total obedience to Revelation 3:18,


(or Moses, whichever you like, see this IF you can figure it out or simply go to where it is laid out for you in black and white:

PS…   Revelation 3:18 New King James Version (NKJV) 18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich