Marshall Swing: Speculator Short Shakeout in Silver!

my-shorts-on-fireDuring this past COT period we see in silver that price flat lined during the first part of the period then on Thursday evening after hours there was an explosion upwards. 
This is what I call a speculator short shakeout on the part of the commercials because price had been deteriorating more than they desired.   Thus, we see in the COT the large speculators covered 4,526 shorts.
Simple, dear Watson…
Both the producer merchant and the swap dealers picked up similar amounts of shorts at higher prices after the short shakeout. 

In gold, we see a very similar short shakeout...


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By SD Contributor Marshall Swing:

Greetings from the Land of Mindanao in the Philippines!

I am starting to enjoy the weather here MORE because the rainy season is here and the rains have not
been very heavy yet but the temperature and humidity have dropped… Finally.

Here, a 5 minute trip to the grocery store and back can leave me needing a shower as when it is the
“summer” season the humidity is like walking through a pool it is so oppressive.
However, Filipinos just  keep right on smiling and trudging along while they watch the few Westerners here sweat like Niagara

I have been to many businesses and a number of churches here and everyone is always quick to usher a Westerner to a seat close to the fan. I have even sat in church and ladies sitting next to me fan me while my wife sits on the other side fanning as well. The Filipino people are for the most part a very caring  people always trying to help others as the vast majority have lived very poor lives struggling along and under the oppression of the various countries that have occupied them and taken advantage of them.
They are, however, now in control of their destiny and every day brings another article in the Manila papers of the government trying to root out corruption in Congress.

This is quite unlike the U.S. where corruption is rife and very rarely does anyone corrupt get rooted out of their political jobs as they are all pretty much corrupt on both sides of the political aisles.

Speaking of sweating like Niagara Falls, what I mentioned as a possibility in last week’s report seems to have happened this past COT period as silver and gold prices rose considerably which my first guess it is the commercials who were concerned about the quick downward drift of metal prices so they used HFT a couple of times to zip the price higher and trip all those new short positions taken by the large speculators so that they could continue the doldrums of depression.

Depression is an interesting subject. I have seen articles where the Nazi’s in WWII put fluoride in big doses in the water so their prisoners would be far less aggressive and controllable. Then, after the war, the U.S. government turns around and does it to its own citizens under the completely false guise of fighting tooth decay.

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If you want to read a SERIOUSLY interesting book that documents the history of fluoride which most have never heard of before then I recommend reading Christopher Bryson’s “The Fluoride Deception” which truly should be made into a mystery thriller with Harrison Ford as lead actor.

Do we think it is a mere coincidence that people suffering from depression in the U.S. has risen dramatically in the last 60+ years as fluoride and many other chemicals were put into our mouths, bellies, and air?

Those commercials are not interested in a metals price crash just right now.   This is part of a larger scheme to flip their short positions next year in a sudden crash and also avoid speculators making too much profit on their shorts by selling out near the bottom.

In a controlled crash, it happens so fast that speculators who have taken short positions high and want to sell low try to be patient to find the bottom while the commercials execute a HFT (high frequency trading) crash, sell their shorts at the bottom as far slower speculator programs keep buying short positions while price is heading down.

Near the bottom, all the commercial’s shorts are covered, long positions are secured with the speculators holding the opposing shorts and VOILA the speculator shorts are crushed in the price rebound that ensues while the commercials make out like bandits with a
treasure chest of longs…
I merely call it the way I see it happening in the future. 😉

But we silver stackers who know the value of the real money God created when He created the earth and those mineral/metal deposits He put near the earth’s surface during the great flood of Noah understand clearly that no matter what happens in this paper, fake, meaningless, FIAT game the banksters play that physical assets rules when paper fails.

My best guess says that happens next year and I am in almost full agreement with Martin Armstrong and his analysis that says 2015.75 is going to be a Hell on earth in the financial world.
Perhaps in the near future I will get a chance to sit down and converse with Martin and show him my secret notes? And me his?

Martin views the crash as a cyclical event and I view it as a turning point in history. Martin believes that things return to normal after the crash and I believe that things never return to normal again (not as we know them now).

I am convinced the crash ushers in a new world economic system where the peoples of the world sing the praises of a man who rushes in to save the day.   Martin believes the world economic system is a balance sheet (and he is right for the most part) and I believe all the world is a stage. Staged by corrupt massive powers of the elite who meet in dark places making decisions for billions of peoples about where everything goes in the marketplace as well as the moral fabric of society being manipulated through various media so that the marketplace is King above all else.

Who was it said investing can be a crap shoot?
Those who were taken advantage of by the elite and their banksters but never studied enough to realize who did it to them… And never studied enough to know how to invest and avoid the pitfalls of banksterism (is that a new word?) but trusted their financial planners (who barely know more than they do) and mutual funds.

During this past COT period from June 3 – June 10 (the numbers come out late every Friday afternoon) we see in silver that price flat lined during the first part of the period then on Thursday evening after hours there was an explosion upwards.
This is what I call a speculator short shakeout on the part of the commercials because price had been deteriorating more than they desired.   Thus, we see in the COT the large speculators covered 4,526 shorts.
Simple, dear Watson…

Both the producer merchant and the swap dealers picked up similar amounts of shorts at higher prices after the short shakeout.
In gold, we see a very similar short shakeout but not as serious as silver’s.
The commercials made money off the large speculators and it was mostly the producer merchant we see doing it in the disaggregated COT.   But, the small speculators picked up over 1,800 shorts at higher prices.   They are learning to play this game to their advantage and have learned to take smaller profits more often than wait for larger payoffs that never seem to come to fruition because of the manipulations of the commercials.

I am rapidly approaching my last week in the Philippines then it is back to the U.S. at the end of the month. Two months in a nation that has over 7,000 islands and not once have I enjoyed swimming in the ocean yet but there is the possibility of a couple of days at the Garden Island of Samal before I leave.

Remember, when price goes to $18 or below then buy, buy, buy BUT those who buy above $18 will be very handsomely rewarded in just 16-18 months from now.  If silver is $200 or $500 an ounce in 2 years do you really care if you bought at $18 versus $19 or $20?

Stay thirsty for physical, my friends!


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