Marshall Swing: Return of the Gold Standard in 2016 After Global Financial Crash in 2015

We are going to get a gold standard probably in 2016 after the world wide economic crash of 2015.
But, between the crash of late 2015 and the implementation of the gold standard, there is going to be civil disobedience on a scale never before seen in the history of man.
The preppers are going to get the thing they have feared most and have been preparing for many decades.

Submitted by Marshall Swing: 

What a difference a week makes!

For 3 weeks I have been saying it was time for a sliver and gold smash because the short levels of the commercials demanded a return to the “GREAT PMs DEPRESSION”.

In the last few days, we have gotten signs of return to depressive episodes and that is the pharmaceutical prescription the Federal Reserve has ordered up through the Bullion Banks.

Unnatural chemicals are very bad for the human body and it is not different for gold and silver…

Did you know that there are thousands of completely natural plant based remedies for virtually anything that ails you?
Did you know that if you eat a CLEAN biblically based diet it is almost impossible to ever contract diseases, viruses, or illnesses?

The Amish people, the Seventh Day Adventists, Jewish, and Messianics are prime examples of such shining health approaching the health of those we read about in the bible in both what is called the “old testament” and also in the “new testament”:

Why the Amish are healthier than most Americans
Amish Health:

Add the fact that Seventhday Adventists live longer than virtually any group of people on the planet…

I am in no way advocating becoming Amish, Seventh Day Adventist, or Jewish but the truth in the excellent health they enjoy is laid out clearly in the law in the book of Leviticus.  All down through history, peoples who followed the Leviticus clean food laws enjoyed natural health far and going away superior to those who did not.

The same is true for countries who utilized silver and gold in the currencies, they thrived because trade was based upon fair scales of measurement not fiat baseless value that some man says it is which varies rather than the unchangeable value of a hard asset at any given point in time.

Gold and silver are equalizers for all the people, not just the wealthy like fiat is for them.

So, good health is based on solid principles for whatever modus operandi we are talking about…

The same is true with gold and silver as the health of both is solid but the pharmaceutical “man based” manipulation of unnatural fiat currency, with no basis of worth in anything of intrinsic value is providing the acute sickness we see in the metals so that no matter how much metal the physical investors buy for their personal stack there is no relationship born to the market price of either silver or gold.

One reason for the manipulation is to ensure low cost silver for industrial applications.

Another reason for the manipulation is to keep anything of hard asset value from obtaining its true worth.  If the true worth of anything is allowed to be seen then we see only the wealthy being able to  afford it.  We see this time and again in the art field where paintings both classic, impressionist, and avant garde have auction values way into the stratosphere and often times the worth of much of these is in the eye of the beholder.

Silver and gold are not allowed to obtain true value in the eyes of any beholder.  They are made to be the slaves of corruption as the elite of the world uses them in applications both private and industrial.   Gold has a special value as it makes the lion’s share of its distribution in jewelry.   The lion’s share of silver is industrial.  If gold price rises too high then many would cease to buy jewelry.  If silver prices rises too high then the additional cost is hardly noticed in most products using it but a great boon to those who sell the silver for its applications.  But since those who mine and sell the silver are hedged in the futures game what they sell product for is at best an opaque vase.

If price can be manipulated down by the futures game, then jewelry manufacturers are happy as are countries who buy gold bullion.

But there is another game at work here in that gold and silver used to be the currency of nations, but while the manipulators are busy playing their game, currencies rise and fall for various reasons without a hard asset base of value, a store of value that levels the playing field among countries.

I read an article by Steve Forbes, recently, calling for a gold standard.  Many, in these last days of the age, are calling for a gold standard.  When we do get that gold standard we will also get a confiscation order so all gold becomes the property of the state.  Sort of but far more than an FDR order all over again…

I have written recently we are going to get a gold standard probably in 2016 after the world wide economic crash of 2015 right around the time Martin Armstrong predicts.  But, between the crash of late 2015 and the implementation of the gold standard, there is going to be civil disobedience on a scale never before seen in the history of man.  The preppers are going to get the thing they have feared most and have been preparing for many decades, some of them.  

My mission is to get people to think for themselves and if you have to wade through a little of what is clearly going on around us to get to the next gold and silver prediction then just think of it as a wake up call.  😉

In silver, up to the end of the COT week on July 8, the large speculators gobbled up 6,637 longs playing right into the commercials hands for a short covering, HFT fueled, smash.  A smash I have been telling people for a few weeks had to happen.  The commercials meanwhile gobbled up 4,621 shorts and the disaggregated COT shows most of that was by the swap dealer commercials.  The small speculators were again virtually silent in terms of gross total change of open interest.  They knew better than to grab up a bunch of longs since they read my reports!

So, as sure as those of you reading this article know how to breathe, the longs grabbed by the large specs reached a tipping point and the commercials initiated a smash.  Simple.

The same movements are seen in gold as the swap dealers piled on new short positions and in the disaggregated COT managed money lapped up huge numbers of longs.

The tipping point was reached days later and the HFT short covering depression came to a head as speculator longs committed suicide when their stops were tripped.

Simple congruency between the commercials of both gold and silver.

Elementary, dear Watson!

Do you wonder why we have seen so many banker suicides in recent months?

It is because those individuals break, yes commit abominations, destroying the commandments of God relating to just weights and measures, fairness without respect to persons, and also manipulating international trade so that the little countries are always at a disadvantage to the bigger ones and I could go on and on with the adjectives but in the old testament there are stories that show us once a tipping point is reached God confused the enemies of Israel and turned them against one another and they killed each other and the armies of Israel merely stood by and watched the action and worshipped God as He delivered them from a tortuous battle and gave them the victory and the spoils.

To those who have all their paper fiat converted to physical silver and gold and other things of value in hard assets when the crash comes next year, you are going to get both the victory and the spoils given to you as a reward for investing in the hard assets created by Father God Himself and you had the wisdom to see its value and get yourself ready for the crash.

Until next week, stay thirsty for physical metal, my friends!

Reporting from the wilderness of Southern Illinois,


PS “There is nothing new under the sun but there are new ways of making you think there is” quote is mine…