Marshall Swing RED ALERT: Commercials Net Long Platinum And Ready To FLIP LONG On Gold & Silver

Marshall just sent us a red alert, and he says when the flip happens in gold & silver, it will all be over after 30 minutes. Here’s the details…

Editor’s Note: If there is anybody unaware of the Global Economic Collapse Marshall is predicting, he laid out the case in a series of seven posts:


by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts


Yesterday, I was sitting at home and ‘Half Dollar’ Paul contacted me, at 2:12PM, that the Commercials were net long in Platinum!

We exchanged a couple more thoughts about it and I basically said the real story will be told by the historical COTs and what the Producer Merchant side of the Commercial House were up to in Platinum.

Platinum is not a metal I follow closely.

In fact, the only time I ever check it is usually when I am doing a COT report and I accidentally see it because it is on the list before silver, or there is curious action in silver and gold and I want to see if there are confirming indicators in Platinum or Palladium or Copper.

Sometimes I even look into Oil.

But I never have time to study those other metal’s COTs.

Later yesterday, I looked at the 1 year chart on Platinum and saw the unmistakable descension of this past 6+ months.

A quick check of the current revealed what ‘Gold Dollar’ Paul told me and the Producer Merchant long short mix I found interesting.

But, I needed some historical precedence…


I quickly went to the January 2, 2018 COT both legacy and disaggregated and right away the red flag raised high and I felt like kicking myself, or preferably ‘Fiat Dollar’ Paul for not finding this UNMISTAKABLE TREND months ago!

LOL, I cannot kick anybody right now with my feet as I have a 10 year old, slightly torn meniscus in my left knee and a swollen Achilles Tendon in my right ankle.

James Dine always said “The Trend Is YOUR FRIEND” and indeed on this occasion James Dines’ revelation came true.  Only, it seems we all missed it, for some, as of yet, undiagnosed reason!

Years ago, about 2006-2009, I followed James Dines and subscribed to his newsletters and even Dines’ Alert Bulletin, at one point, but no more after I lost a lot of good money, in Uranium.  The problem with Jimmy Dines is he could not see the future as clearly as most people thought.  The warning signs were in many places in Uranium and I and presumably 10s of 1,000’s of others lost big time in the unlikely yellow metal, particularly in the miners.

I like to think I am about the best there is at thinking outside the box as well as inside and leaving no stones unturned, but sadly, even though I am the very best in silver and gold, there is enormous margin for vast improvement.


I have many irons in the fire and sadly I could have been screaming at the top of my lungs, IF I had examined the white metal more thoroughly as I do silver and gold.

I will, in hindsight, do a more thorough examination of the last 6+ months in Platinum but alas, dear Watson, I believe it is too late.

It is very obvious in recent silver and gold COTs that the Commerical’s have been making very strong moves towards break even in the Combined Commercial’s Silver and Gold COTs.

Their moves have not been as strong and obvious as Platinum’s, however, and the rationale I want to give you is none other than what I have postulated all along and that is in the few days before the Global Economic COLLAPSE of July 20-27, 2018 that the Commercial Silver and Gold positions will move towards NET EVEN, then FLIP in about 30 minutes, to WAY NET LONG, in a final, nightmarish, short covering price raid where they have enticed the Speculators to walk the short plank to their deaths while the Commercial’s themselves GO LONG, and that is the end of the story, goodnight Irene.

Why would the Commercials go NET LONG in Platinum unless they were expecting vast gains in the shite metal?

Why would these same Commercials be SLOWLY ridding themselves of shorts in Silver and Gold, WHILE PRICE DECLINES, except that they believe Silver and Gold are FIXED for vast gains?

This last COT the Silver Commercial’s relieved themselves of 10,700 SHORTS while adding 2880 LONGS and that is a net move to the LONG SIDE, of almost 14,000 contracts!

And this last COT the Gold Commercials relieved themselves of 11054 SHORTS while adding 15705 LONGS and that is a net move to the LONG SIDE, of almost 27,000 contracts!

All I have written about and declared to SilverDoctors’ readers throughout the precious metals community for about 6.5 years sure seems to be coming true VERY QUICKLY!!!

Incidentally, I went to the TOP of Christian Broadcasting, the very top, to people I have known, personally, and to people on their staffs, and to people I do not know but have listed to at various times in my life going back to the early 1980s.  I detailed how this Global Economic Collapse would happen NOW and I offered them a total PLAN to invest all their cash wealth and all the cash wealth of their hundreds of millions of followers, around the world, and they all declined my offer.

I had private, very personal phone calls with the likes of Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and people affiliated with American Family Association.  I personally worked for, as a volunteer, and personally knew Pat Robertson and Don Wildmon in the 1980s.

I also spoke at great length to Jerry Johnson who is the President of the National Religious Broadcasters Association.  Jerry Johnson had it in his own 2 hands to take this vital information to all the religious broadcasters, around the world, so they could save their financial accounts and ministries.  My conversation with Jerry was very interesting but ultimately, since he rejects what he believes is my “theology”, Jerry decided I could not possibly be correct about what is going to happen and even asked me if I would take his phone call to me after July 27 passes and nothing happens!

Jerry Johnson refused to even consider the WHY’s and WHAT FOR’s of the biblical foundation I told him was the cause of Revelation 18:10 coming to pass right now.

Essentially, and in its most basic terms, I asked Jerry to read all of Jeremiah 31, which should take no longer than 5 minutes.  For those who do not know, Jeremiah 31:31-34 is the most basic foundational text in the Bible upon which all modern Christianity is based.  The entire 2.5 Billion Christians in this world believe that since they believe in Jesus Christ that they are in something called the “New Covenant” which is only defined, in the entire Bible, in Jeremiah 31.

“THE PROBLEM”, I told Jerry Johnson, is that verse 33 says “AFTER THOSE DAYS”.

Jerry johnson did not seem to get it, at all.

I told Jerry that “THOSE DAYS” are a prerequisite that has to take place BEFORE Almighty God enters into this “NEW COVENANT” with all of us people who claim to believe.

Jerry Johnson still did not seem to get it, at all.

I told Jerry again, you have to read Jeremiah 31:1-28, then Jeremiah 31:29-30, in order to know the timetable of “THOSE DAYS” so that you can understand what is LOGICALLY being communicated by the prophet Jeremiah, who is Almighty God’s mouthpiece as if you are reading/hearing directly from YHVH God Himself, right in front of you.

Jerry said something like “ok” and I asked him if he had read it and seen what is the definition of “THOSE DAYS”?

He did not really seem to understand what I was saying.

So, I went over verses 1-30 of Jeremiah chapter 31, with jerry Johnson, President of the National Religious Broadcasters Association and explained that the written requirements that have to be fulfilled in order for Almighty God to make His NEW COVENANT with man is totally and completely dependent on ALL 13 of the Tribes of Israel (the 12 Tribes plus the Levite’s tribe) being brought back to The Land of Israel by YHVH God the Almighty, Himself before any notion of a NEW COVENANT for anyone, Israelite or Gentile convert to Israel, is valid.

There was a little bit of silence on the other end of the phone.

Then I explained verses 29-30 of Jeremiah 31 to the President of the National Religious Broadcasters Association…  A simple, but careful study of Jeremiah 31:29-30 reveals it is none other than THE JUDGMENT which, thanks to the Apostle John’s book of Revelation, we know THE JUDGMENT comes after the end of the 7th Millennium.  Jeremiah 31:29-30 very clearly defines that each man who has “eaten the sour grapes” will pay for his iniquity/sin and that happens no where else in all of the Scriptures, except at THE JUDGMENT.

At that point, our friendly phone call went straight downhill.

It went straight downhill because Jerry johnson knew he was cornered, like a “rat facing drowning”, because he knew I was covertly and specifically unmasking/destroying the very foundation of how 2.5 BILLION Christians live their lives in the world today.

And I was doing it in a very nice way and very pleasant/congenial without any accusations whatsoever.

Jerry simply said the buzz word phrase, “I do not agree with your theology and we’ll have to agree to disagree”.

When a man, of very high stature, is faced with TRUTH from which he cannot run, he will do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Carefully examine the Truth, in every precept possible, and logically arrive at the right decision, makes personal changes (repent), and proclaim the Truth to all who will hear him.


  1. Go into a total state of denial.


Jerry Johnson chose the latter, state of total denial.

The pure logic and obvious simplicity of Jeremiah 31:33 “AFTER THOSE DAYS” laid bare Jerry’s life of following THEOLOGY instead of following and being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Jerry made the very same mistake I made decades ago by thinking all these pastors, teachers, theologians, and bible translators had to be right – and NEVER OINCE EVER carefully doing his own research to raise independent questions about the theologies Jerry holds so dear to his heart and ego.

For Jerry Johnson to come out in public and admit he made a critical mistake on the subject of the TIME LINE of Jeremiah 31 is like being President of the United States and having to admit to the American people you intentionally caused war with Iraq and Afghanistan based on no evidence against those people, at all, and that, in fact, on your watch, CIA/NSA special operatives betrayed America with false flags (think THEOLOGIES) and millions of innocent people were killed in several Middle East countries all because the military industrial complex that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about in the 1950s has indeed taken over complete control of the United States Government and its military war machine!

Jerry Johnson is incapable of reading this very short chapter, in the Bible, called Jeremiah 31 and comprehending the real, biblical timeline.

What would be at stake for Jerry Johnson, if he did repent (change) from his current false belief system?

Jerry would be ostracized almost immediately from being President of the National Religious Broadcasters Association and would probably lose his second (or third), very expensive home, which sits with a magnificent view, on the very scenic banks of the Shenandoah River, at Harpers Ferry, WV

How do I know these things?  I do my research very thoroughly and can think way outside the box to find people who do not want to be found.

I sent expensive, overnight packages, to many of the Elite of Christian Broadcasting, directly to their front doors, all of them, and their offices, and to various staff members, explain to them the pending doom they were facing, July 20-27, 2018 and that I wanted to do everything I could to help them survive financially.  I guess I spent close to $1000.00 on al the mailouts.

When I called all these various people, I got a range of responses from “never call here again” is what I remember Tim Wildmon’s wife saying to me, to a wonderful, congenial few minutes with Don Wildmon’s wife and Pat Robertson’s wife.  Don Wildmon was too sick to speak on the phone, and has been for a long time, so I informed his wife later in a text message that if Don repented, kept The Sabbath Holy and determined to keep all THE LAW of YHVH God then Don would be healed.  She did not reply to my text but I am sure she has thought about it deeply.  Pat Robertson’s wife Adele seems like a wonderful lady.  James Dobson was irritated with me and though we spent 5 minutes on the phone he was just too busy to consider what I said any longer and told me he had to prepare for his broadcast to 1,300 stations.  I told all of them I would never call them again, except for Jerry Johnson who asked me if I would accept his call after July 27.

Last was Pat Robertson.  I have always liked Pat and I was the state director (volunteer) in both North Dakota and Illinois for his Freedom Council.  Tiny North Dakota was always at the very top of his performance reports (I did not know) and Pat told me that one night in 1988 when he was running for President and I met with him in Belleville, Illinois.

Of all these men, Pat Robertson was by far the most congenial, inquisitive, and outwardly concerned.  Pat was very polite and careful in what he said to me.  I explained an hour’s worth, very concisely, in about 10 minutes.  One of Pat Robertson’s favorite subjects is economics, and that is known by anyone who has read his books, listened to his teachings, or watched his commentary on TV.  I did not tell Pat I rejected TV about 10 years ago and had not seen his show since the late 1980s…  Pat was all business and very alert as I told him I am the world’s top expert on gold and silver price directions and for many years I have never been wrong a single time.  I do not think pat remembered me from 1988 and before but I bet as he has had time to sift through his memories that he now does remember.  How can you forget someone at the top of your organization’s performance charts?  I told Pat to ask his top researchers to check me out and the validity of what I have done and what I am saying is about to happen.  It never happens in the world of economics that someone on the phone tells you he has never missed a price direction change call in silver and gold.  That is memorable for a whole range of reasons (mostly profit driven).

At the end of the conversation, I told Pat I would never call him again, that he had my phone number if he had any questions after checking me out, thoroughly.

I did not ask Pat what he thought about what I had said…

Pat said, and I paraphrase “you might be right but I do not know, but at this time I will have to pass on your offer”.

I thanked Pat for his time and reminded him of his wonderful wife Adele and he said “God bless you” and I said “Shalom”.

It is not every day someone calls you on the phone, with connections to the top commodity trading company in the world (and the Texas Hunt brothers number 1 trader standing by), with an absolute offer to save your financial life…

That is what I offered to all of the religious broadcasters in the world and to all of their followers, in order that they could financially survive, even THRIVE ENORMOUSLY, after the Global Economic COLLAPSE of July 27, 2018.

My plan was comprehensive and those who claim God and His Son would have run much of the world, if only they had really listened.

Now the COLLAPSE is going to happen, and my theory is that virtually all religious broadcasting will cease to exist after July 27, end of business, because they are saturated with DEBT, and totally dependent on billions of dollars in donations from their followers who also have been left on a violent river, with NO financial life preserver, all because those who preach false theologies would not listen, nor would they obey God’s Commandments, because they are in bondage, in “Egypt”, to totally, false, man-made theologies and necessarily/consequently they are at total odds with The Word of God and have exchanged The WORD of YHVH God and His Son, for a cheap, theological LIE which seduces 2,5 BILLION Christians into a false way.  See Matthew 7:21-23

It is 10:18AM and I just checked silver and gold before I send this to SD for publication and I see the Commercial’s are doing another clear cut REMIX operation…

Shalom, from The Wilderness, get ready for this coming Sabbath and LIGHTS OUT!