Marshall Swing Part V: I AM MOSES, The Calculations – Global Economic Collapse July 20 – 27, 2018

Marshall just sent us some very interesting calculations as he continues to lay out his case for the Global Economic Collapse this (or next) Friday…

Editor’s Note: If there is anybody unaware of the Global Economic Collapse Marshall is predicting, he laid out the case in a series of four posts:

Marshall has now just sent us a Part V


by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts


How in the world do I follow up Part IV where I explained to people that I am, in fact, a man named Marshall Swing, born of an earthly mother and father, whose body now holds the spirit of Moses?

Well, I really do not have to, if you think about it, it is written plainly in The Scripture’s for all the world to see.

Really?  REALLY.

John the Baptist was also born to an earthly mother and father whose dad, just happened, by the way, to be of the Aaronic High Priest line descending directly from Aaron.  John’s mother was also of that line descending from Aaron but from a line that was far enough removed from immediate DNA relatives to be allowed to marry John’s father, with respect to Torah LAW (which is The Gospel as defined in Hebrews 3:16 – Hebrews 4:2, incidentally).

Now, how does that explain my mother and father?  I have no idea but if you read:

then you will begin to see the similarities between my father and an Egyptian Pharaoh who was sort of Moses’ father until a certain age.  My dad was a great surveyor and engineer and built many things and his word and handshake were his unbreakable bond.  I was born in a place called Watertown.  And there are many other similarities.  I had my DNA tested many years ago and I know it goes right back to ancient Israel.  All I can say is there are many similarities many of which I do not write into the articles because there is just not enough time to do everything when you are just one man.

But, how did I come to the point where I was so CONVINCED I am Moses that I was not afraid to state it publicly all over the world?  I did, in fact, make a worldwide announcement of that fact, through the number one newswire release service in about August 2015 just as YHVH directed me to do.  That service is PRNewswire, now Cision.

But how did I become so convinced?

My path has been highly unusual the last 10 years, to say the very least.

In very early 2010, I was sitting in an independent, fundamental, bible believing church when the associate pastor asked the congregation “do we still have to keep the Sabbath?”  I was one of only 3 people, out of 100-150, who said “YES” outloud.  The other 2 people were an elderly lady who was a past Mayor’s wife of a hugely successful town, and she was sitting there beside her husband of 50+ years.  The other person behind me was an elder there, I think, and I turned around but was not sure who but thought I recognized the position of the voice.  I went home and for the next 48+ hours I studied every scripture in the Bible related to The Sabbath of YHVH.  I could not prove that we should not keep The Sabbath of YHVH so from that day I began keeping The Sabbath of YHVH, until now.  Not perfectly at first but then YHVH God does not require perfection.  He requires the attempt at perfection.  We have the sacrifice in Torah (which includes Yeshua’s sacrifice, if and only if we accidentally mess up and do not get it perfect).  It really is pretty easy to do if you merely live a life set apart from sin, as your goal.

That began my journey back to pure Torah as The Faith and the only Faith once delivered to the saints. That was, of course, The Faith God’s Son lived so it has to be the only Faith that is valid Faith, in the eyes of YHVH God (and His Son).

But how did I become so convinced I was Moses and come to the timeline of the end of this age that I am writing articles about and declaring all over the world through advertising and other means?

It all starts with the Scriptures which then join with numerical coincidences, in my personal life, that are impossible to explain away.

My life, from a child, has been full of numerical coincidences.  I used to ponder these things as a young man and they followed me wherever I went.

I am going to list a couple that no one anywhere can refute or explain, so that you might believe and get yourself prepared for the event I declare and have interpreted as is going to happen in a few days.

Long after I came to the understanding that I am Moses, I found myself in the Philippines in Digos City, a hotbed of Islamic, and NPA terrorism, in 2014, and marrying an incredibly,   beautiful, Filipina woman, who was a head nurse at a local hospital, who basically grew up in what we call jungle, with critters like cobras and other poisonous snakes and things which could easily kill you.  My wife learned how to do circumcisions while working with a Doctor one day in a local free benefit for poor people, promoting the hospital, and to date she has performed many hundreds of circumcisions to poor families, at no cost at all to them.  My wife wanted to be a surgeon but the money for medical school was never available to her family or I would be married to a surgeon!  Sound just a little like Moses’ wife Zipporah?  She is, in fact, and just like John the Baptist, does not know it.  She also does not really believe me on this tale of Zipporah, either…  Some of you will say “yes” to her credit…!

I went to the Philippines with one purpose in mind, find the woman I was to marry and return home.  By almost total accident, I did 4 Messianic & prophetic conferences, while in the Philippines just because I said yes, to Arthur Bailey asking me to visit with his friend, a Christian pastor in Cagayan de Oro, who unless I had met my wife, physically for the first time, on May 1, 2014, proposed to her on May 6, then married her in a huge, mountain top wedding on a ridge of Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines on May 23, 2014, I would have never met this pastor I was asked to meet.  That resulted in me doing these 4 conferences, and trust me, as a newlywed, the last thing you want to be doing is prophetic conferences where you declare the end of the age to foreigners you do not even know.  But I was obedient to YHVH’s Will and did what He asked me to do.

One day, sitting my meager hotel room, doubt began to creep into my mind and I really wanted to quit doing those conferences right then and there so I prayed to YHVH and asked Him if everything He had given me was really, really accurate?  I was looking for a way out and a vacation, not reassurance.  The front desk called and told me I needed to pay in advance the remainder of my stay for at least the rest of the month, if I was not sure when I was leaving.  I had to travel to Cebu, just weeks before to extend my trip more than the legal 30 days, at the U.S. Embassy attachment there.  So I went down to the front desk, had them calculate my bill and when they handed me the bill I was reassured by YHVH beyond ALL MERE BELIEF.

I owed them 17,640 pesos…  Exactly, to the peso, which was about 1/44th of a U.S. Dollar.

I stared at the bill for what seemed like forever and the young lady asked me “are you okay, is the bill okay?”

I laughed out loud and replied that everything was in perfect order, or something like that.

17,640 is the number of days between June 7, 1967 and September 23, 2015, the day I have been teaching for many years is the start date of Daniel’s 70th Week!

I had my answer and I had my reassurance, forever.

YHVH God Himself reached down into the Philippines and changed the exchange rate between the Philippines and the United States, while I was there all those weeks.

When I entered the Philippines, the exchange rate was about 42 to 1, peso to dollar.  When I paid my bill the exchange rate was about 44 to 1, as best I remember.  Add to that fact also the VAT (tax) changed daily there based on the exchange rate and it makes my final Bill all the more a total miracle.

It was something like staring a King Cobra in the face and him daring you to move away…

YHVH God was telling me “You will believe (OBEY) me and you will never again need to doubt”.

Alright, so that takes care of me being Moses and takes care of me obeying YHVH in all things, personally, and takes care of His exact timing of the start date of Daniel’s 70th Week…

Other LITTLE coincidences are sort of like how, while in the Philippines, I did not have a website at all, just a Facebook profile page and I had no idea I how I would do what I had to DO.

Daniel’s 70th Week is the absolute most famous and feared event in all the biblical prophecies…

I use for domain names.  I just happened to check on the availability of and it was taken.  That domain means more to biblical prophecy that any other name, easy to remember, could possibly ever be.  It should cost 1000s of dollars.  In the Spring of 2015, round about the time I contracted with a WordPress development company to build (another incredible story in its own right) I submitted a reserve bid because the expiration date of was coming due.  I had no idea if the owner would renew his domain.  A few days later the domain was unbelievably, and miraculously mine, when all logic and prophetic stuff of money and sales says it should belong to some huge prophetic ministry that takes tons of money from people while giving them false information on the prophetic events.  I still charge absolutely nothing for every biblical teaching that I do and I expect I never will.

I am not to be like those charlatans and thieves, YHVH once told me directly.

So, how do I become so convinced of the timeline and its accuracy?

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have read my writings at SilverDoctors and know that I constantly do the impossible that no other economic analyst can do or would even attempt to do.  I regularly present my trades on reverse metal’s pricing before the price reverses and I never miss.  That is something no SANE analyst would ever do in public.  I do it with complete regularity never doubting what YHVH taught me about the metals (another long story).

The number 7 in various sequences and derivatives has played incredible “coincidences”, through my life.

It is almost as if I am some sort of magnet for this number to embrace and declare itself to me.

For instance, 17,640 divided by 21 = 840…

See it now?

Okay, maybe you are thinking 3*7=21 and you would be right…

But, if you go to Leviticus 25 and do the math for the Jubilee and use prophetic 30 day months then 49*360 = 17,640

See the 7’s now?

Okay, if you are thinking 7*7=49 then you would be right…

So, merely read the prophecy, use the prophetic 30 day month, add the 17,640 to July 7, 1967, the day of the famous 6 Days War in modern Jewish history where the Jews recaptured control of Jerusalem and it comes out to September 23,. 2015 and note that that date was in fact the Jewish Day of Atonement which comes out precisely as the prophecy indicates it should.

What else do you see?

How about we divide 7 into 17,640 just for giggles and math nerds…?

17640/7 = 2,520

What is so significant about 2,520?

For those people who KNOW all the prophecies in the entire Bible and specialize in Daniel’s 70th Week, that number 2,520 is STAGGERING TO SAY THE ABSOLUTE VERY LEAST.

That is the exact number of days in Daniel’s 70th week and virtually all the so-called “prophetic experts” who make hundreds of millions and BILLIONS of dollars off their fake books, movies, and teachings robbing The People of their hard earned money will look at this number and some of them will read this article and start writing another book, making another movie, and selling another teaching.

What I am showing you today, NO ONE KNOWS.  But Moses was shown, long ago, as he is also the man in linen in Daniel chapters 10 thru 12 who made the most famous prophetic statements to Daniel, about 2,600-ish years ago, but none of the laughable prophecy experts does the study in the Scriptures so they know it is Moses because they are all disobedient dummies raping The People of their money and robbing YHVH God Himself with their endless prophetic media sales that never figure anything out but just keep the people in suspense.  They also keep and maintain the people in a constant state of disobedience, through the eyes and wrath of YHVH God the Father and His Son.  Hence the need for the Book of Revelation…

I am not going to do this research and display it here for you but if you happen to search in for the angel “Michael” you will see that everything we know about Michael is found in a literal handful of verses and it equates to the identity of Moses (little old me…)

Go ahead, search all the internet for anyone else out there who has seen this and written about and you will find ONLY ME.  Very few other people can do the math research and figure out the puzzles in the prophecies.  I can do most of them and before all this is over I probably will have done all of them and displayed them for all the world to see and fear.  Theologians transformed the birth of John the Baptist into some new kid on the block who merely was like Elijah and not Elijah himself.  They made John to be “in the spirit” or zest/zealousness of Elijah and not Elijah himself, in the flesh of another human man.  The theolgians faked that one because they deemed the Hindu’s and their reincarnation doctrines evil.  But what if the Hindu’s developed their reincarnation doctrines based in part on Elijah coming again as John the Baptist?  The idea of reincarnation (avatar) does not appear in Hindu writings until 6 CE!  The theologians just made up their beliefs against Hindus in India and unmindfully did not logically consider that their entire belief in reincarnation probably and most likely came from the rumors of John the Baptist and the Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek scriptures!

It is the glory of God to conceal things like this in plain sight where everyone can see it but no one SEES it…

There is a whole bunch more 7’s associated with that Jubilee count I just gave you.  Let’s see if you can find them.

So, one more number and I am going to close out Part 5.

In a previous Part, I disclosed a bunch of 7’s in my life, particularly the Illinois highway that runs through my town, 177, my Post Office mail box, again 177, my mailbox, 777, in Belleville, IL, my old St Louis mailbox in downtown STL, 7777, and then there was my curious license plate that the Nissan accountant pulled out of his drawer and handed to me last October, 2017 when we signed a Nissan Murano lease, AD1 5177, perhaps you can figure out what that means?  The Nissan Murano is a very interesting name all on its own if you look up the history of Nissan and what the town of Murano, Italy is famous for…  A fantastic Mosaic (Moses derivative) in a cathedral.  Who would have thought?


Sound a little like a familiar Hebrew month?

Could it be the very month where I say on Nissan 1 that Revelation 12:14 takes place next year?

Ya think?

How about my previous lease of 2 Hyundai Genesis Coupe’s, I had for 6 years?

Genesis?  Go figure?

Hyundai?  Look it up yourself…

The modern Genesis?  What do you think?

I planned none of these things, they just happened to me.

In 2015, after my wife arrived from the Philippines, I bought a used Nissan Murano for her to learn to drive but time worked out that she did not learn but she was studying so much to pass the NCLEX boards so she could work as an RN BSN in the U.S. that we forgot about her driving as she did not yet need to drive.

Then, the day of the great August 2017 Eclipse which just happens to pass through the  midpoint with the 2024 Eclipse to come, in of all places in Southern Illinois (think The Wilderness of Revelation 12:14) we travel in that Murano with my sound engineer and his girlfriend to Blue Skies Winery deep in Southern Illinois which was the location of the longest, fullest Eclipse point and that old 2006 used Murano air conditioner craps out on the way home on a very hot day so we stopped at a auto parts store and rejuiced the AC then the next day the Alternator dies and fries the entire electronic ignition system and controllers so bad that even the local Nissan Service department threw up their hands in disgust when they could not fix it.  I got our money’s worth out of that nice old loaded Nissan Murano but I never once looked to see what the name meant even though the 2 leased Genesis Coupes I drove for 6 years I sort of thought about the names, a little, considering I finally figured out who I am in Spring 2012…

You can bet after spending money on a new lease that I shortly thereafter got curious as to what Nissan Murano meant and was pleasantly surprised but not really surprised.  I get used to it, after a while and everything just works out to fit perfectly and all I have to do (and all I want to do in life) is keep my Father YHVH’s Commandments and walk/DO His Will.  Besides that I enjoy recording music but have no real personal ambitions any more of my own.

Back to impossible numbers…

So, there is some more background in 7’s, surrounding me like angels!

Now the last one and a real kicker!

I went to Charlotte NC for Passover in April 2014.  I drove that “modern Genesis” through the Appalachian mountains, as I have loved to do all my life.  The mountains have always made me feel right at home, for some strange reason, as Solomon might say like his lover’s breasts, and late in my April trip, at the end of the day, on April 24, 2014, I did what I do every day and reviewed the markets.

Just another normal day at the office???

DOW, at the end of the day, is $0.00

Hundreds of millions/Billions of shares traded…

DOW, at the end of the day, is $0.00

Hundreds of millions/billions of shares traded…

Go search it in Google…  LOL.

Don’t bother, I will do it for you:…380815.384993.0.385753.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.cN_TnptS4ts



The Mark of Zorro…


All for naught!




Getting the idea yet?  Where’s the 7’s?

Hmmm, 24 april (4) and that equals 28 which equals 4*7 then 2014 which is not divisible by 7 but if you add the 4 numbers then it equals 7, doesn’t it?

So, can you math whizzes see something prophetic in that jumble of numbers?


I can’t either, LOL.

I do not spend much time EVER looking for prophetic coincidences in numbers like you might have seen the math whizzes at  on the front page, doing.  Amazing stuff they come up with, and anyone and everyone has to admit that fact.

But I do not have the time to search endlessly for every little prophetic nuance that might exist in an array of numbers like some people must spend weeks and months and years doing.

I have MANY different and varied things that YHVH keeps me extremely busy with plus I am a newlywed still after 4 years of bliss and an expectant father, to be, calculated for a son to be born, on the 1st day of the Feast of Tabernacles, 2018.  Whew!  His name will be Eliezer.  We have not had an ultrasound or diagnostic yet and my wife’s first OB appointment just happens to be this afternoon and she is in her 7th month.  I just KNOW.

So, instead of spending enormous amounts of time looking for needles in haystacks, the Father YHVH told me once to create an Excel spreadsheet and put all the dates I encountered into it and observe the mathematical correlations.  Pretty easy, actually!  Fits my schedule!

So, after thinking about the date of April 24, 2014 and a DOW of $0.00 I was greatly reminded, from on High, of 2008 just about 29 September and the DOW dropped  desperately in massive trading with people running for their financial lives and the index ended the day down $777…

Back then, knowing what I knew about the timing of Daniel’s 70th Week and at that time thinking it was perhaps close to the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week, I made an assumption that the $777 DROP in the DOW was a 30 prelude of sorts to another event that was EXACTLY 2,520 days in front of September 23, 2015.

A junior U.S. Senator from Illinois made a speech that week and on the 30 day mark after the DOW drop he aired an almost 30 minute infomercial, ALL OVER THE WORLD on virtually every news station around the world, on his candidacy for President of the United States. and many other math whizzes have researched, calculated, and fingered Barrack Hussein Obama as the “anti-Christ” of the Book of Revelation using a vast array of mathematical proofs.

But identifying BHO as the guy was not and is not my mission.  My mission is simply when and how do things fit together, what do I DO and when, and we can all read Revelation 11 to know what happens and what I and another DO, during the 1260 days, and how it ends, etc…

Back to my Excel spreadsheet.  I get tired fast of wasting time spinning my wheels so I will generally not do it very long.  Many things have always comes fairly easy for me, like math, and having a great Civil Engineer for a dad helps when you are 4 years old and watch him doing calculations on road curves, by hand, in 1960, and drawing the beautiful curves on the big drafting paper.  The thing that really caught my attention at that age was sine, cosine, tangent, secant, and so forth, as those symbols all had really neat designs.  Dad always told me I was not old enough to learn but I pestered enough that they started me in 1st grade a year early.  I was hooked on learning and particularly math and my mother was a great piano player!  I had left brain and right brain input all over the place!

I still do!

A day is not a good day unless there are many calculations and lines of music and words to fit the music…  I have an endless supply of words that fit, perfectly.

So, I take the simple route and plug April 24, 2014 into my Excel Spreadsheet and start comparing time lengths to other dates already there and after a short while up pops the most amazing thing!

April 24, 2014 is exactly a certain number of days away from what I consider to be the most amazing date that will ever be witnessed in human history by so many, all at once.

It falls exactly a very special number of days away from what I consider is the prime reason I have returned with Moses’ spirit in this body called Marshall Swing, and that is namely THE RAPTURE of true believers (Yeshua called it The TAKEN) and it is found in Revelation 12:14 when THE WOMAN goes into THE WILDERNESS and is nurtured for 1260 days in The Wilderness, by YHVH G.od Himself.  That place is on the earth, according to the Scripture, as visible to ALL

Just, close your eyes and use your imagination to imagine what that event will look like to all the world who have been ignored and are outside that ZONE OF TOTAL PROTECTION…

And that is my special mission that is not easily seen but written into the Scriptures as to the timing of the Second Exodus which I will prepare The Remnant for just as The Scripture states  they MUST be found worthy to escape what is coming or they will live, and MOST LIKELY die while going through it.

Luke 21:36

36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Those who do not keep YHVH’s Sabbath HOLY will not be found worthy, at all.

Then, the heart hardening beings just like YHVH did in Egypt, once again, and for the very same reasons…

I have declared and taught in prophetic conferences, for many years, that that day of THE TAKEN, as Yeshua/Jesus called it, is Nissan 1, 2019 or thereabouts…

Nissan 1, 2019 falls in April, early April.

And it is EXACTLY 1,777 days from April 24, 2014.

Try to imagine the understanding smile on my face when I saw the number appear from the equation in my Excel spreadsheet…

I have what seems like an endless array of similar mathematical “coincidences” spread throughout my life which I will never have the time to write down in articles like this one as THE TIME IS VERY SHORT.

My advice?

Get right with YHVH God and His Commandments and get READY for what is coming!

That is how His Son lived his life.  Jesus/Yeshua was always RIGHT with His Father’s Commandments and his true disciples are always exactly like him.  That is what the Scripture states, very bluntly.

Shalom, from The Wilderness of Southern Illinois, put all your cash into silver and gold and liquidate every financial asset you have and quickly do the very same thing in your purchases, get your preparations in order for what will surely be the ride of your life!,


The Servant of YHVH Elohim (God) and faithful in ALL His House