Marshall Swing: Looks Like This February Isn’t Leap Year For Gold & Silver After All

“Even though metals prices have been hit hard lately, it appears they want some more pounds of flesh…”

by Marshall Swing of The Church Of Acts

Well. here it is on Wednesday after 10PM Central and the financial news was very interesting today, to say the very least…

I have tons to say about the last 3 weeks but I have had no time to gather my straying thoughts and write but I will this weekend.

I am just checking in to say I see a masked position reversal in the works and took a short position with tight stops.  I could not resist such a veiled opportunity.  Expiration approacheth…

Even though metal price has been hit hard lately it appears they want some more pounds of flesh.

Depression reigns.

We’ll see how bad they want it with their promise of higher interest rates….

Could be a very nice downside to add to the physical stack, folks!

Shalom, from Southern Illinois…