Marshall Swing Interview On The Coming (July 20 – 27, 2018) Global Economic Collapse

See Marshall being interviewed on the coming global economic collapse (One Spoiler Alert: $5,000 U.S. fiat dollars will be worth only $.50)…

Marshall Swing from The Church of Acts was just interviewed on the global coming economic collapse.

Marshall predicts the collapse (he would call it a prophecy) for either Friday, July 20th or Friday, July 27th.

Marshall sent us a four part series over the last several months laying out the case for the collapse.

That said, Marshall was just interviewed about the coming collapse.

Here’s what Marshall said about the interviewer:

Nathanael Keuchenberg is about the most brilliant young man I have ever met.  He is self-taught in the Scriptures, fluent in Greek and Hebrew, and authored the book “As Jesus Walked” which is a parallel exposition of the biblical books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and ties together identical matching sequences from each book to produce the timeline of Jesus’ walk when he was here on the earth.  Nathanael began this extensive work in 2012, at 15 years of age, and self-published it at the ripe old age of 15:

See Nathanael’s story here:

How many of us could do this at 15-16 years old?

In this interview, Marshall Swing quickly details most of the calculations revealing the timing of Daniel’s 70th Week and the setup for the Global Economic Crash of July 20-27, 2018” 

Tune in to the interview in its entirety below: