Marshall Swing: I Still Believe Global Economic Collapse Will Occur Before End of 2015

economic dollar collapseI remain completely undeterred in believing the Global Economic Collapse will occur this year, before the end of the year…


Submitted by Marshall Swing: 

As you can see from my Summary Spreadsheet, below, all dates have passed thus far without the Global Economic Collapse occurring and there are 2 major standout dates remaining.

My Last Days Spreadsheet Summary 11-8-15

I began warning people all over the world about a coming, total, economic collapse, in which all currencies throughout the world would virtually go to ZERO as a result of a massive derivatives and bond collapse in which all trade between nations would grind to a halt and most trade within nations would halt as well until order could be restored in national exchanges of goods and ultimately restoring international trade via a one world currency ushered in by a “one world government order” so call the New World Order of the Global Elite who are well known to control virtually all global corporations and therefore most of economics and societal events.

Up to now, dates I have posted, from September 11, 2015 until last Thursday, November 5 have failed to reveal a Global Economic Collapse.  All the dates I have posted have been very carefully thought out and reasoned as to why a collapse might fall of those dates.  Of all the dates I reasoned, none seemed stronger to me than 9/11/15 though I made a very strong case for 10/23/15 based on my analysis of The Economist magazine, at that time in early October.


I remain completely undeterred in believing the time is this year, before the end of the year and what is interesting is hundreds of economic writers and analysts not only are unwavering in their beliefs that a collapse is imminent but have even ramped up the pace of their musings as more data becomes available, national debts are inconceivably raised higher and derivatives continue to pose as great or greater a threat than they did in 2008.

I am in good company but I am one of the very few who has actually attached dates to an expected collapse based both on prophetic scriptures, economic analysis, and lastly the rambling cover(s) of The Economist magazine from 2015 and 1988.

There is no doubt the people who own The Economist magazine and their partners in control (cohorts) maintain a stranglehold on international, global corporations, economic thought and deed, political thought and deed, as well as who lives and who dies in their ever obvious attempts to limit world population and force an economic order upon every soul on the planet with them, The Global Elite, at the top, and most of us The People, at the bottom rungs of non-voting, endlessly lobbying, controlling corporations, central banks, bought and paid for governments, particularly from the top down, who manifest their directions in think tanks like Bilderberg conferences, Central Banker all but secret gatherings, G8/G20 economic summits, and endless required thought police adherence documents that spew forth from these various meetings and subsidiary organizations at lower levels of subordinate followers.

What is going on in the world around us that gives us a hint something is terribly wrong?  Is anybody watching?

If we examine economic indicators, and I do every day, the most obvious to me is the price or silver.  Comparing the price of silver today to the crash of 2007-2008-2009 we see silver has returned to the price held during that crash timeframe:


Silver price today falls into the middle range of silver price during 2009-2009 and the price highs of 2006-2007.


Can you name a single other commodity that is trading at prices comparable to 2006-2009?

The silver price high in April 2011 was $49.82 and today silver price is $14.72  A little, simple math tells us silver is currently more than 70% under its price high.  Are automobiles 70% under their price high?  Is real estate 70% under its price high?  Is food at the grocery store 70% under its price high?  Are houses 70% under their price high?  Are the cloths you buy today 70% under their price high?

Thanks!!  That’s a lot of NOs!  I hear you!

Silver is the number one commodity in the world responsible for our current day standard of living.  Did you know that?  Everything even remotely electronic depends on silver.  Remove everything electronic and what is our standard of living today?

Maybe a handful of you guessed oil as the other commodity?  That is a VERY good guess.

A 10 year chart on oil tells us oil is currently down 69.5% from its price high in 2008:

Oil 10 Year Chart

So, oil is also almost as low, on a percentage basis, as silver!

Oil and silver are the two commodities primarily responsible for the high standard of living we enjoy in the United States and the West today and also virtually the sole reason Asia, Africa, and other third world economies are beginning to grow out of poverty and pretty much the sole reason China has gained “number 2” economic power status in the world behind the United States.  But China wants to grow away from the West and take the throne of all economic endeavor throughout the world and call all the shots.

An interesting note is oil has several challengers for energy production but silver has virtually no challengers for the industrial processes it is used for in the manufacturing of tens of thousands of products every day that allow our high standard of living.

All silver mined is consumed every year as industrial and investment demand for silver is absolute and the lows in silver price have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with lack of demand.

Then why is silver price low?  Because it is highly manipulated by the same Global Elite who will crash the world’s economies in order to return all countries (Russia, China, the rest of the BRICS, and all of OPEC) under their monetary control so those countries cannot even remotely think about being free, independent, “free market” entities ever again (“free market” as in free from the Western, fiat paper dollar, and able to receive a fair price for goods) as long as the Global Elite have ancestors.  The world economy has reached an inevitable tipping point of no return.

The next logical question is why are both silver and oil seemingly manipulated to almost the same degree?


Price of oil is the chief cost factor in mining silver.  If you do not understand this then you have not been paying attention to OR reading the articles of my long time, good friend Steve St. Angelo at the SRSRocco Report.

And if you do not understand EROEI (what is that?) and how it affects everything economic in the world, then you literally do not understand much of anything as EROEI is THE ultimate, fundamental, determining factor in all of current economics across the world.  It is a factor everyone has to live by every single day and almost no one knows what it is or how it works or what it implies.  The Global Elite definitely know and understand this and use it to their advantage.

If you are reading this article and do not understand fiat non-asset-backed debt at all levels of government and business, derivatives of every kind, and dozens of technical economic bubbles that economists all over the world say are ready to pop, THEN YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED by The Powers That Be.

Perhaps you have been duped willingly and enjoy movies, sports on TV and live sports, and TV shows in general, or endless music piped in through your iPhone through your earphones and into your manipulated brain.  Participating in those brainwashing techniques of the world is a sure sign of being duped by the powers that be who control all those things and want to people to focus on their leisure life and self pleasure while The Global Elite do not rest and bring about their economic and social slavery system 24 by 7 by 365, year after year, decade after decade, century after century.

If you watch the nightly news on TV or listen to main stream media of any kind then you have been completely duped into lethargy and ignorance and do not even know it.

After all, constant leisure activity and constant listening to The Powers That Be’s media is a sign of willingly giving up dominion in the world in exchange for the deception of pleasure.

These are the devices The Elite use as the “opiates of the masses” (sports, entertainment, etc) to enslave the people of the world so that offer no resistance to The Elite’s multitude of agendas and manipulations.

And that is what modern society and individuals have done is the complete, willing, giving up of control of their manifest destiny and right of dominion to the rich and powerful controllers of the world as the people’s lives are nullified almost completely from establishing meaningful moral, economic, and political stability.


We still do not know what transpired behind private, closed doors in the 5 days surrounding 9/23/15 in which the Pope, Zi, and Putin met individually with Obama.  In the history of the modern world, there has never been a time when the 3 most diverse, powerful men in the world met with the most powerful man in the world (the U.S. President), individually and independently, and we do not know what transpired but Obama and The Elite hwo run the show giving these 3 top world world leaders great promises and power, as the prophecies in the book of Revelation indicate, comes to mind to this Messianic Minister and lifetime Prophecy Analyst.

There are other dates not mentioned here as they appear to me of lesser importance and likelihood so perhaps I will cover them next week if the Global Economic Crash has not occurred by then.

The real question, at this juncture, is are you prepared for the Crash?

Have you transferred a significant portion or all of your wealth into physical gold, silver or other hard asset classes?

If you are Christian, Messianic, Jewish, or Islamic and think you place your trust in God in one way or another, have you read, understood, and obeyed the commandment of God in Revelation 3:

Revelation 3:18 New King James Version (NKJV)

18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.


Interestingly, there are many in the world who do not claim an Abrahamic religion who have indeed prepared themselves by following God’s commandment to buy gold, silver, and hard assets in the last days, knowingly or unknowingly.  They understand the world, economics, and the handwriting on the wall of massive economic destruction, in many cases better than those who say they follow YHVH and His Son.

I hope for everyone who reads this to successfully traverse the coming Global Economic Collapse and not be financially destroyed when paper currency is destroyed and replaced by a single one world government one world digital currency, in a global, cashless society.