Marshall Swing: Gold & Silver Get Prepped For One Final Crash Before They Pull THE PLUG In 69 Days

Marshall says gold & silver are on the exact path he predicted many months ago. Here’s a critical update on gold, silver and the coming collapse…

by Marshall Swing of The Church Of Acts

Gold and Silver are on the exact path down that I wrote about many weeks ago (actually many months and years ago, but who is counting).  The COTs, open interest, and open interest movements reveal the tactics of the Commercials to prepare gold and silver for the final crash and FLIP into the Global Economic Crash where all the world’s currencies are forever destroyed, and a one world cashless society rises alive and WITH TOTAL DOMINION, using the BLOCKCHAIN, out of the smoke and mirrors of the crash, WHICH APPEARS TO BE SCHEDULED 69 DAYS FROM NOW, July 20, 2018.

See this article if you are not familiar with my analysis of when the crash takes place (EXACTLY 1000 DAYS FROM October 24, 2015, which was EXACTLY THE DAY AFTER 40 DAYS AND NIGHTS FROM Jonathan Cahn’s expected crash date most of the world was anticipating on 29 ELUL, 2015 otherwise know in Gregorian calendar terms as September 13, 2015:

Part 2 and Part 3 of my analysis will be out VERY soon!  After reading those, you will begin to understand WHY I am so emphatic that the crash is going to happen in that late July 2018 timeframe.

Now, the charts below tell almost the entire story and I need to get back to work finishing up the music video of “Such A Bad Boy” which is a parody about Governor Eric Greiten’s of Missouri whose felony trial begins on Monday but the idiot prosecutor does not have a picture that he is accused of taking.  The REAL STORY is about Greiten’s boasting he would run for office, then committing serial adulteries, THEN announcing his official campaign for Governor, THEN continuing his serial adulteries (think Bill Clinton) and then the woman dumped Greiten’s as he did not intend to stop having his fun…

Still have not had time to do the brief analysis on the late January early February mini crash but I will get to it next week for sure.

Here are the pics, enjoy, I think we are waiting (SETUP) for a Fed interest rate rise and of course option expiry, so expect the DOW, S&P, and Nasdaq to go up and gold to get hammered by the gold sliver ratio open interest manipulations.

Don’t be a WHINER!  (think Keith)

Shalom from THE WILDERNESS of Revelation 12 in Southern Illinois, if you are not dying of thirst for silver and gold then you are almost dead and just don’t know it,


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