Marshall Swing: Commercials Preparing For THE CRASH By Taking Care Of Business In Asia While The West Sleeps

Marshall says we’ve never seen anything like this as the commercials work to position themselves for their flip to long just ahead of the crash. Here’s more…

Editor’s Note: If there is anybody unaware of the Global Economic Collapse Marshall is predicting, he laid out the case in a series of four posts:


by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts


The Commercial Banks are TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS in Asia while all America and the West are sleeping.

***** A very important note, SILVER was NOT THE TARGET Monday night, but since many Speculators and the Commercials tie silver futures and gold futures together in algorithms silver is affected.

The numbers on the charts show this is the case.

The volume of open interest in yesterday’s range is unprecedented.  It was not price that was attacked so much as it was the lessening of the Commercial’s Short Position burden in the effort to make their final FLIP to LONG mathematically simpler round about July 20 – July 27.

The goal of the Commercial Banks is to BE LONG BEFORE the Crash, or at least at a break even point before the Crash so there is not chance of them losing money or being liable to money or bullion.

In order to do this, the Commercials must divest themselves of their SHORTS to at least the 50/50 mark, then on quick, huge, short covering price raid will be all they need in order to successfully FLIP LONG.  I have detailed many times the mathematical process of covering and going long so I will not bore anyone here with the math of how this is done.

In the attached charts, we see ABSOLUTELY HUGE open interest moves, in Asia, after hours, from about 12AM CST until 8AM CST before the stock markets open in NY.

They have never done anything like this mathematically, before…

We have seen short covering price raids in Asia before but not to this high an open interest exchange.  Notice that total open interest on the COMEX Daily actually even rose a little.  That is how they suck the Speculators in making them think there is money to be made going short…  (while the Commercials are going long at the bottom of each raid.

Last night we see more unusual activity.

We have only one more COT report before the morning of July 20 so my guess is they might accomplish everything before that report in order to not TIP THEIR HAND too much.  I expect to see evidence of what they are doing in this Friday’s COT.  Their maneuvers make the Speculators think they are winning the game and busting the Commercial’s SHORT STRANGLEHOLD.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.

No one can even remotely challenge the mathematical dominance of the Commercials.

The CASINO always wins, even when they give a step or two, here and there, away…

STACK like there is no tomorrow!