panicThe Commercials in both metals know the storm is coming…
Are you ready for the storm?  Have you converted 95% of all your paper to physical gold and silver or another hard asset?

Chaos is coming…
Anarchy is coming…
Those who wait until the last minute will find themselves without a plan.
Get out of the system while you still can.


Submitted by Marshall Swing:

Quote from last week: “What happens in the near future?  I think we get a price rise followed by more price depression.  The Large Specs are betting on more depression and the Commercials will give it to them but not too fast.”

We definitely got the price rise and we have to wait until next week to see about the slow decline and depression…

In last week’s report, it was obvious the Large Speculators are convinced silver price is going down and picked up about 27,000 shorts:

This period they added over 8,300 more shorts to their totals.

They may have added far more than that but on Monday of the COT Week the Commercials did an upwards price raid and tripped stops on much those new shorts.  8,308 is what they were left with after the pyrotechnics during the COT Week.  The Large Specs have been relentlessly trying to gain the edge in commodity deflation as we head into September and then the Fall for the biggest market crash the world has ever seen.  They think they are headed for their biggest payday of all time but what they are headed for is unmitigated, total financial disaster after which they will be a byword and left completely out of future markets because they will lose everything they have.  Or everything their investors have…

Since the COT Week ended, we saw another major upwards raid on their shorts begin on Wednesday and culminate on Thursday and price has been pretty flat since then.  If price stays somewhat the same at COT Close on Tuesday we should see the glory of the aftermath of the raid, in the real numbers.  If price goes up a little more, it will reveal the destruction very well but if price goes down somewhat (which is my bet) then the numbers will be obfuscated as those Large Specs will no doubt grab some more shorts.

Some time ago I mentioned the Commercials were retaining many shorts from several weeks ago and when we look at this week’s numbers we see they expended/covered 4,294 shorts minimum in defeating a huge drop in price which the Large Specs wanted so they could cover.  The Large Specs know the Commercials are going to attempt to flip long but they think they can profit heavily by beating them at their own game before the inevitable happens.  This is the war of technology in the metal’s markets manipulations, may the tech savviest cheater win!

In the end, they all lose, however, as the latter half of Daniel’s 70th Week, which I say begins on September 23, 2015 will destroy their markets once and forever.  I want to make it clear as glass right here that the start of Daniel’s 70th Week is going to come and go and most of the world is not going to recognize it for what it is.  Only those who know the prophecies and the basis for the prophecies are going to understand it is here.  You can go to the book stores and buy 100 books on the last days/end times and not a one of them will tell you the basis for the prophecies because none of them understands it.  Well, maybe Mark Biltz does but he does not say much in that regard.  They all see something coming and what they see is financial horror unleashed via the Shemitah but virtually none of them understands the basis for what is coming which tells us why.  The basis is wrapped up in what Solomon said about 3,000 years ago: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, For this is man’s all.”

But when you get down to the meat of the matter, perhaps only 1 in 100 of those who write all these books on prophecy does what that verse says.  Most simply outright ignore it because they have developed a way to escape the horror unleashed in the book of the Revelation.  That is the pre-tribulation (7 years) rapture which is completely false, in my humble opinion.

Pretty neat when you can sell millions of books and movies and get rich and tell people horror is coming but not tell them how to avoid it, huh?

But, I digress, (as usual).

Both silver and gold charts reveal almost the exact same formation since Wednesday after the COT Week and somewhat similar during the COT Week.  That means the Commercials are in a congruent pattern intending to achieve the same result in both metals.  But after the price rise, silver was hammered more than gold which means some Large Specs probably thought the bottom was in and decided to go long in a big way and the Commercials cannot have that happening so they busted those silver longs then leveled price.  On Thursday, the one downward spike in silver expended over 5,500 contracts in 30 minutes and things leveled off after that.  This means the Large Spec golds did not buy heavily into longs the way the Large Spec silvers did.  That is exactly where the Commercials want those Large Spec golds.  The real battle is for gold but silver is the Achilles Heel, so to speak.  Both metals have to be dealt with in order to achieve the overall goal of profiting in gold and crushing rebellious Speculator investment houses.

On Friday, after the COT Week, there was a huge downward spike then a return quickly to the same price level.  This is a Commercial reversal pattern of purchasing more longs and quickly bring price back to the same level before Large Specs can cover for profits.

It appears to me the Commercial targets for gold and silver price are $1180 and $16 which is a 1 to 73.75 ratio.

Now look at the third chart, 20 days of silver showing the upper price point on Thursday was exactly a target price point from 2 weeks prior!

The 20 day gold chart reveals the same type of Commercial exercise and the price point target is 3 weeks back.

In gold, we see the Large Specs are very divided taking new long and short positions pretty much evenly, 4,240 longs and 3,607 shorts respectively, and that is where the Commercials want them.  Divided.

The disaggregated COT is even more revealing showing us Managed Money (Large Specs) had picked up at least 6,043 new shorts and by the upward price rise, after the COT Week, we know that short level broke the threshold the Commercials target so they had to be dealt with.

What the Commercials in both metals want now is depression via summer time doldrums, the old “sell in May and go away” fugget about it” mentality in the Specualtors.

They know the storm is coming…

They know when the storm is coming…

They know exactly how they will handle it…

Are you ready for the storm?

Have you converted 95% of all your paper to physical gold and silver or another hard asset?

Do you have 6 months of food and water in your basement when the stores are closed?

Do you have enough food stocked to feed your neighbors when they come to your door hungry since they did not prepare?

Do you have a location outside of big cities and sizeable towns where you, family, and friends can be safe?

Chaos is coming…

Anarchy is coming…

Those who wait until the last minute will find themselves without a plan.

There are 83 days left, from today (Sunday) until the 29th of Elul (Jonathan Cahn’s target date) the day before Feast of Trumpets.

There are 94 days left until the Day of Atonement, September 23, 2015, which I believe will be the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week that finishes off all the horror we see in the book of Revelation.

These are monumental lows in metal prices when it is almost 30% down in gold and 70% down in silver, way below most mines ability to make a profit or break even.

Get out of the system while you still can.

Still reporting from the Wilderness of Southern Illinois, stay thirsty for physical metal, my friends,