Marshall Swing: Can You Hear Me Now?

They’ve taken the fight out of gold and silver, and they will convince the masses that the stock market “correction” is behind us, but come July…

by Marshall Swing via The Church Of Acts

Riddle of the day:  “How high can a DEAD CAT bounce?”

Pretty high if the Speculators don’t sell short!

And that is exactly what happened not once but twice in the month of January.  DEAD CATs bounced on the 16th and again on the 25th.  My DEAD CAT bounce is when the Commercials do an exploratory price raid but the Speculators show little or no interest in accumulating shorts on the way down.  That lets the Commercials know they can bomb at will because the Speculators are convinced silver and gold are going higher and the good guys will win.  Christmas is still months in the future, Virginia!

I didn’t start out to paint a Picasso but this silver chart sure is colorful.  Gives you an idea of how I see things in the open interest action, day to day, to manage trades.  It was very obvious to me, right at the first of the year, what they were going to do.  I just did not know when they were going to do it.  They had plenty of short ammo left for the jobs report and it is very clear it was a plan hatched more than a month prior.

As of Tuesday, January 23rd, Commercials had upped their total short position to 56.8%, and we know with all the long buying afterwards the Commercials pushed their short position well into the 60s% range, then comes the DEAD CAT raid on the 25th just before Expiration which revealed no resistance to the downside as Speculators refused to pick up shorts.  That gave a GREEN LIGHT to a massive raid on last Friday’s February Jobs report.

But very interesting is how no one in the world, except stackers, noticed the metals lose their virginity on the same day the DOW gave up 666 points!

Tell me again why the metals go DOWN when the fear meter goes UP?  Can anyone explain that?  I can.

Isn’t a safe haven supposed to have exactly the opposite result?

Then again on Monday the DOW is raped for 1175 points and gold and silver just sit there as if they are New York residents out for a stroll witnessing murder on the sidewalks and walk right by with no reaction!

The pharmaceutical fluoride drugs of the Commercials are taking full effect folks as the metals are hypnotized, pliable, and completely subjugated to the will of the Commercials.  There is NO FIGHT left in gold and silver.

Maybe it is time to buy Bitcoin where fluoride drinkers like Max Keiser and Bix Weier have set up shop thinking life in a computer hard disk is better than the real world of gold and silver?  I love both of those guys and it has been excruciating watching them go down into the pit of the Revelation Beast and like it.  What is next for Max and Bix, silicon love dolls?  Max and Bix, I think I will name my next 2 DOG purchases after those guys…  Take em for a stroll…  No, just put them in cages in the window and show them off for a quarter to kids.  I don’t own a dog, by the way, can’t stand cleaning up after them.  It is easier cleaning up after Max and Bix, though…

Okay, that was my Robin Williams impersonation, the devil rest his soul.  I really do love Max and Bix but revolution does not happen in the bits and bytes of a computer no matter what the science fiction movies, you guys watch, tell you.  Those movies are nothing but the watering down of minds to entertainment with no reality value.  Oh, that’s the definition of Bitcoin, I forgot, my bad.

Back to reality…

Gotta love the Powers That Be profit taking timing in the DOW!  Tons of mainstream media articles, in the days and a couple weeks leading up to this mini-crash, telling people not to miss the investing event of a lifetime and profit without end.

And then yesterday they wheel out Warren Buffett who says “Don’t watch the market closely”.

I just can’t stop laughing!

So I had to look at the 30 year DOW chart and see how many times there is a chart pattern like this one…  NADA.

Welcome to the new normal…

There has not been a build up like this quick and then a profit taking this quick, EVER.  Just business as usual.  Recovery just around the corner, folks, then up, up, and away, my beautiful balloon!

People will be convinced this was just a blip, just the cost of doing business, and that since it has been almost 10 years since a real correction we were long overdue but things are back to normal, stay calm, fasten your seat belts, and GO  ALL IN for the money making ride of your lives!!!

Right into July:

See?  Just look at those DOW futures recovering right before open this morning…

They will convince the masses the correction is behind us, onward and upward for another 10 years!

All is well.

Yes Virginia, there is a Christmas…  now, go back to sleep…

I just heard the morning bell.  Time for a cold shower.

Don’t drink the fluoride, my friends, and stay very thirsty for real, physical, smoking hot, precious, metals,