Marshall Swing: $1.5 Quadrillion in Derivatives Will Collapse in 2015- Entire Financial System to Implode in An Hour!

empire revoltMarshall Swing joins The Doc & Eric Dubin this week for a MUST LISTEN Metals & Markets.
Our guest this week sees more downside straight ahead before the precious metals position for a rip-roaring rise as the final & greatest economic crash in human history takes place in 2015!
We also discuss: 

  • NFP: Only Wall Street and MSM could look at today’s lousy employment report and cheer
  • Cartel unable to keep silver under $21:  Eric sees precious metals resuming an uptrend next week; Marshall Swing sees another major cartel hit soon
  • 2015:  Marshall expects major financial asset downturn and complete derivatives bubble implosion– Is the coming derivatives collapse prophesied in Revelation?
    Marshall makes the case why Gold & silver (paper) will crash, followed by super-spike to unimaginable levels as entire world’s financial wealth simultaneously rushes into Phyzz
  • Jamie Dimon diagnosed with throat cancer– will derivative mastermind Blythe Masters take over for Dimon at The Morgue? 

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Guest Host Marshall Swing is below:


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This is a beautiful chart pattern:

silver - july 3 - 2014

It shows cartel attacks around the COMEX open over the last two days, but steady buying of those artificial dips.

Last month, on the way down to the $18 region, we didn’t see big intraday turnarounds until the price was testing $19, busting lower, and so forth. What you see above are the footprints of active buying after only modest consolidation over the last two weeks. This is healthy.
Today’s bounce back came despite a stronger dollar, weaker oil and a major bid for stocks on the back of the headline employment report.

This pattern might very well change and we will not see a resumption of the upside move starting next week.
Our guest this week, Marshall Swing, sees more downside straight ahead before the precious metals position for a rip-roaring rise as the wheels fall off the global financial system in 2015.

In general, I agree that the risk of a systemic crash is increasing and 2015 may very well be the year when all heck breaks loose.
But I’m sticking to my near-term forecast now over half a year in the making: July should see precious metals moving higher.

snake oil promotions

Employment report out: what are Wall Street and the MSM smoking?

What percentage of mainstream media reports on today’s jobs numbers will report that full time jobs fell by 523,000, while part-time jobs rocketed higher by 799,000? Probably no more than 5% of mainstream reportage will have this critical fact. But traders itching to head out for the holiday weekend could care less. The stock market ran to the upside and presumably, today’s trading action reflects a somewhat demented view about the “inflation trade.”

I happened to catch a ZeroHedge report on the release before reading mainstream accounts.
Given the pathetic showing for full time jobs, it looked like Wall Street was, on balance, pushing asset prices higher on the theory that the Fed would favor more accommodation in the near-term.

To some extent, that dynamic played out today. But there was also a camp looking at inflation reports over the last month and taking the “inflation trade” thesis to their trading desks. It’s really hard to separate and categorize these competing views.
We have schizophrenic markets.

Geopolitical Update: Conditions Suck, Worse Still To Come . . .

Fair assessment, yes?

Since our last broadcast, Petro Poroshenko, the West’s hand-picked oligarch Ukrainian president declared a cease fire and then broke it as Russian diplomatic efforts prove too reasonable to accept. Meanwhile, Poroshenko’s government has been attacking civilians with indiscriminate artillery salvos in an attempt to crush popular support for Russia in Eastern Ukraine. There has been almost no coverage of this story in the West.
Click here to access the geopolitics section of The News Doctors.
We’ll be following this and other stories closely over the holiday weekend. Beware, some of the video is rather graphic.

Odds are high we’re going to see an escalation in the Ukraine over the summer. The same can be said regarding Iraq.
Geopolitical tensions have only played a minor supportive role for precious metals in the last year.
That’s going to change this summer.

Finally, for an additional take on today’s trading in the wake of the employment report, check out Dave Kranzler’s latest article.  Click here.

To our American audience, have a wonderful 4th of July!


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