Markets Change And Move In Cycles: Everybody Needs Some Exposure To Gold

Markets move in cycles, the status quo changes, and assets become misunderstood. Here are even more reasons why everybody needs gold exposure…

Jesse Felder interviewed on Palisade Radio

Jesse discusses investing strategies and what works for him in today’s markets. There are many pitfalls to watch for when investing. His best results have come from individual stock picking, but that requires research and commitment. His focus is on sectors and companies that are out of favor or misunderstood by the market. Examine those investments that are out of favor or generally hated, as there are often opportunities. Lastly, remember that markets move in cycles and the status quo can reverse.

Time Stamp Reference:
0:45 – Early career and the pitfalls and strategies of investing.
4:00 – Macro picture looks for misunderstood asset classes.
6:30 – Markets that are out of favor are often opportunities.
8:30 – Investing mistakes like panic selling.
11:00 – Government regulation and painful lessons.
12:30 – Markets move in cycles, the status quo changes.