Mark Taylor Submits FOIA Request to UK Gov’t For DB Gold Rigging Records

It Appears Mark Taylor is Taking Investigation of  Alleged Gold and Silver Manipulation into His Own Hands:
Does the Attorney General know if Deutsche Bank has destroyed its OTC bullion trading receipts
Submitted by Mark Taylor:

Dear Attorney General’s Office,
In SFO investigation #9559, submitted by Jon Thomson, Chief of HMRC, Deutsche Bank were accused of destroying bullion trading receipts. If so, this is a serious violation of Anti-Money-Laundering control laws, because bullion is known to be used by ISIS to trade between munitions and oil in the Middle East. The investigation appears have been quashed by the office of the Attorney General. In the lawsuit B40BM021 the bank was challenged to disclose the claimant’s bullion trading receipts to its co-defendants. It refused multiple times, contrary to normal procedure, without explanation. It was legally challenged to deny destroying receipts in the appeal documents submitted to the Court of Appeal, and refused to respond.

1) Did the Attorney General terminate the investigation #9559, or was that the decision of the current head of the SFO? Does the Attorney General still believe that was the correct action?

2) With the FCA having fined Deutsche Bank $630 million for destroying materials to cover up money laundering liabilities does the Attorney General know if such materials included Over-the-Counter bullion receipts?

3) Did the Attorney General’s office receive an application from HSBC to serve a restraining order against the claimant for B40BM021 to prevent the claimant suing HSBC and Deutsche Bank and others for silver price manipulation?

4) Does the Attorney General’s office have a copy of the restraining order for (3) in which the applicant is HSBC, the application date is 23 December 2014, yet the order is competed by Judge Simon Brown QC in July 2015 in which the judge claimed it arose out of his own volition.

5) If the answer to (4) is yes, then does the Attorney General recognise that Simon Brown’s statement in that form contradicts the fact that the application was submitted by HSBC before lawsuit B40BM021 has been assigned to the Birmingham Mercantile Courts.

6) If the answer to (4) is yes, then does the Attorney General recognise that the restraining order helped HSBC evade legal redress for silver price manipulation, for which it has been incriminated by Deutsche Bank as cartel manipulations: London Silver Fixing Ltd. Antitrust Litigation, 1:14-md-02573 U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

7) Does the Attorney General know why Judge Simon Brown QC retired ten years early, a retirement announced within a week that LCJ Baron Thomas was notified that Deutsche Bank had confessed to gold rigging, when Simon Brown QC had dismissed such allegations as ‘totally without merit’ and ‘vexatious’ in the July 2015 hearing for B40BM021.

8) In the July 2015 oral hearing B40BM021 under Simon Brown QC, Anshu Jain and Emma Slatter, Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank and General Counsel of Deutsche Bank respectively, refused to turn up for court, even though they were the applicants. Given that Deutsche Bank has now incriminated itself for all the matters alleged in B40BM021, does the Attorney General intend to prosecute either Jain or Slatter for fraud or perjury?

9) If (4) is true, which individual at HSBC submitted the application in HSBC’s name to the office of the Attorney General?

10) Does the Attorney General believe in the integrity of the judiciary given Lord Charles Haddon-Cave and Lord Ian Burnett of the Court of Appeal, have both signed court orders dismissing allegations of gold and silver rigging against Deutsche Bank as ‘totally without merit.’ for appeal applications to B40BM021.

Yours faithfully, Mark Taylor

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