Mark Dice Attempts to Sell Silver Eagles in Front of Coin Shop For .99, Hilarity Ensues

Mark Dice, the man who unsuccessfully attempted to sell a Gold Maple for $25, and last week unsuccessfully attempted to give away a Gold Maple to anyone who could tell him the spot price of gold +/- 25% is back, this time standing in front of an Encinitas, California Coin Shop, attempting to sell US Silver Eagles for .99. 

After repeatedly offering to sell Silver Eagles for .99 over spot in any quantity (even offering to have the Coin Shop verify the coin’s authenticity), Dice fails once again to entice a single American to trade a $1 Federal Reserve note for an ounce of .999 silver.  
Notice we said a single American, as for the first time in any of Dice’s video’s, someone finally takes him up on his offer of (nearly) free phyzz.
The supreme irony?  The man who takes Dice up on his offer (much to his chagrin) is a European tourist.

The unbelievable full clip is below:


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