Mark Dice Attempts to Give Away 1oz Gold Maple, Hilarity Ensues

Mark Dice goldMark Dice, the man who previously failed to give away a 1 oz gold Maple on the streets of Southern California, as well as unsuccessfully attempted to sell a 1 oz gold coin for $25 is back on the streets in Oceanside, California with another Gold Maple in hand.

This time Dice is attempting to give away 1 oz of pure .9999 gold to the first person who could tell Dice how much it was worth within twenty five percent of it’s value.

Essentially, Dice is offering to give away a free ounce of gold for anyone who could tell him that an ounce of gold is currently worth anywhere from $1,250 to $2,094, an $844 spread!

Make sure you recall this epic clip the next time you hear someone say that gold is in a bubble:


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