Marc Ward Explains EXACTLY How ALL MARKETS ARE RIGGED (Even Bitcoin)

Marc Ward, founding partner of Metal Zoom Energy, says ALL MARKETS are RIGGED – even the cryptocurrencies markets. He tells Silver Doctors exactly how they do it, and he also discusses how he’s working to disrupt this fraudulent system…

In this SD Exclusive, Marc Ward tells Elijah Johnson that the algorithm will take silver up so fast, that nobody will be able to acquire any.

Marc doesn’t call it “market manipulation”, he calls it “algorithmic dictates by the CME Group”. Marc developed an algorithm that made 4,000 market predictions a day with over 88% accuracy at predicting next tic in the Nasdaq 100 futures market. 

Marc says that the CME is using a “closed loop” algorithm in the gold and silver markets to establish the exchange rates of energy for debt and therefore control the pricing mechanism.