Marc Faber: You MUST Have Your Seat In The Lifeboat BEFORE The Titanic Hits The Iceberg

Marc discusses the coming financial crisis and how gold is a lifeboat, but it must be gold in-hand, in one’s own possession. Marc explains why…

Marc Faber interviewed on SBTV

SBTV’s latest guest is Dr Marc Faber, editor of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. We discuss the signs showing that the US is an empire in decline and how the next financial crisis will impact asset owners. Despite the video difficulties in this episode, Dr. Faber doesn’t disappoint and delivers a great interview on various topics.

We also asked Dr Faber what he would do to reverse the US trade deficit if he was the President of the US.

Discussed in this interview:
01:18 Do trade wars do any good?
08:30 Even with free trade, how competitive is the U.S?
11:46 How the U.S trade deficit could be reversed.
15:24 Is the U.S an empire in decline?
18:33 Will U.S Treasury holders dump U.S dollars?
24:36 U.S dollar to lose its reserve currency status?
29:23 How many more Fed rate hikes ahead?
31:55 Silent socialism: Central bank could own all assets in a country.
38:49 How the next crisis compares to the 2008 financial crisis?
41:28 How can your wealth survive the next financial crisis?