Lynette Zang: You Will See The Physical Gold & Silver Markets De-Couple From The Paper Markets

Lynette says the paper market spot prices of gold & silver are not reflecting gold & silver’s actual value. Here’s what it means for investors…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Topics this week include:

Question 1. I watch a lot of gold and silver dealers talk about physical gold and silver pricing breaking away from the manipulated ETF, how do you see this happening?
Question 2. If silver is an industrial metal, then why would it go up during a recession/depression?
Question 3. When calculating fundamental value is it correct to use the M2 money supply for a currency reset to a new dollar? In a post-reset world of $54,648 per ounce gold and $3,645 per ounce silver… does that make $15 per ounce silver today a bargain pre-reset?
Question 4.if the U.S wants to do Q.E 4 do they need to bring the interest rates back to zero first or can they do it at any interest rate?
Question 5. What are some “tricks” that the fed or gov (in general) might pull to further prolong the propped-up economy? Is there a limit?

For the answer to those questions and a whole lot more, tune in to the discussion in its entirety below: