Lynette Zang: There’s A Reason Gold & Silver Went Down This Week During The Stock Market Chaos

Lynette explains why gold & silver have gone down even as the stock market has been crashing. Here’s the details…

Lynette Zang Q&A session on ITM Trading

A few of questions in this session include:

Question 1. Multi-Tiered Investor: As I have, and plan on buying more gold and holding it for wealth preservation, for a very long time why would I today buy 2018 Gold eagles at a higher premium than random year eagles. What do I get for the higher premium?

Question 2. Joost: Why did gold/silver go down big time last Friday when the dollar and stock markets also went down? Where does the liquidity go when metals, dollar and stock market go down like last Friday?

Question 3. MrLovethyneighbor: won’t gold and silver plunge during the market crash as it did in 2008, before taking off?