Lynette Zang: The One Thing That People Miss When They’re Thinking About Gold

Confused about the coming global monetary reset? Know the thing people miss when thinking about gold? Here’s Lynette to break-it down for us…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Some of the topics discussed in this discussion include:

Question 1. Barron’s saying that the threat of a yield curve is over?
Question 2. Is it possible the melt up is actually a bull trap?
Question 3. Why do “experts” say there’s an everything-bubble with nowhere to hide your wealth, and then in the same interview say you should have no more than 20% of your wealth in precious metals?
Question 4. From looking at the gold charts in Venezuela and what their cost of goods are year over year it appears that the purchasing power of gold has increased 5 times (500%). If this is correct, is it a good example of what could happen here in the USA?
Question 5. Are people like me who paid off debt stupid? When the great financial reset comes, wouldn’t indebted people benefit more from it?

For the answer to those questions and a whole lot more, tune-in to the discussion in its entirety below: