Lynette Zang: The Reset Will Happen When One Of These Two Things Happens

Lynette says the global reset will happen when the globalists are ready for it, or if this happens first. Here are the details…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Question 1. If one was worried about losing money that is invested in stocks in a 401(k). Is there something I can invest in, inside the 401k that is a good option?
Question 2. Once the reset occurs, which I believe will be when the powerful financial elite are ready for it, do you think these same powerful financial elite will continue to have sufficient power to steer the value of precious metals in the direction they want, rather than let the price be determined by the market?
Question 3. When the reset happens, who will be the governing body to determine the value of silver and gold?
Question 4. What do you mean by bullion? What do you mean by collectibles? What do you mean by monetary gold? Given those three, what and/or where is the overlap?
Question 5. in a future video could you explain to us what role the SDR will play as we head into this financial crisis.


Editor’s Note


The subject of confiscation is often a lively if not heated subject. Here’s an argument, written by Half Dollar, for why confiscation can’t and won’t happen:

Confiscation is a no-go, and it is arguably illegal, it’s immoral, unethical, unPatriotic, un-American, and again, arguably, Unconstitutional.

Why anybody listen to corrupt Traitors in Washington?

A bunch of corrupt traitors knew they would revalue gold (devalue the dollar) in 1934 from $20 to $35 after confiscation in 1933, and they profited from that racket.

Not again!

IMHO, Patriots and stackers will draw a line in the sand.

Try confiscation and:

  • Prices would skyrocket overnight because it is instant government admission that gold & silver are very valuable.
  • You can’t confiscate what you can’t find.
  • People already gave up their gold (1933) and silver (1965):  The saying “fool me once” comes to mind.
  • Nobody owns pet rocks and barbarous relics anyway.
  • There will always be a black market – gold & silver the ultimate in privacy.
  • Government can’t flip-flop on the bullion coin program after pushing it since 1986 (that would be like outlawing home ownership and making everybody give their houses to HUD so all houses could be re-distributed. Seriously).
  • The cost to run the confiscation program far exceeds the dollar amount of any gold or silver confiscated.
  • The government doesn’t run anything well, but it will all of the sudden be able to run confiscation?
  • People who own gold & silver support and defend the Constitution, which specifically names gold & silver as our only Constitutional money.
  • People who say “they’ll confiscate gold” 99.999% of the time are disinformation agents or simply don’t understand logic.
  • If we ever got to the point of confiscating gold & silver, there are much bigger problems the government will have on its plate.
  • What would be actually be seized by government, due to ease of seizure, would be pensions, 401Ks, and savings account balances in excess of FILL IN THE BLANK____________.

I can go on and on, but you get the point.

Confiscation can’t and won’t happen


End of Editor’s Note