Lynette Zang: 2021 Is Just The Cut Off Date For The Global Reset (It Could Happen At ANY TIME)

Lynette says gold & silver will protect people from the reset, as gold & silver have protected people for 1000’s of years. Here’s the details…

Lynette Zang interviewed by Sean onĀ SGTreport

The mockingbird mainstream media was nearly as rabid today as former CIA Director John Brennan. An unhinged Brennan called President Trump a traitor for daring to meet with Russian President Putin. Moreover, Trump was demonized for asking the extremely pertinent question, “What happened to the DNC server?” Yes, the same server the DNC, CIA and lying media claim was hacked by the Russians. The same server the DNC refused to turn over to the FBI. The same server which Kim Dotcom claims was NOT hacked at all but rather infiltrated by a DNC insider named Seth Rich. But none of these FACTS matter to Brennan or the mockingbird mainstream media CIA whores at CNN and elsewhere. Join me as I dissect the latest news and then stay tuned as Lynette Zang joins me to drop some economic truth bomb shells.