Lynette Zang: It’s Not Gold OR Silver For The Global Reset – You Need Both Gold AND Silver

Lynette has fresh insights as the world gets closer to the global financial system reset. Here’s the details…

Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Topics covered:

  • The RMB gold prices are over 8,000. How is that ???
  • What will happen to U.S. Savings Bonds during a reset/crash/whatever? Is it generally a good idea to redeem them now (even if they’re not fully matured) and use the proceeds to buy tangible assets…or is it okay to keep them earning interest? Will our savings bonds disappear in a reset?
  • Government always change their minds. Why does Lynette really think they will hold their promise to end LIBOR?
  • Are their other factors that could cause a crash at anytime, or is it just the LIBOR contracts issue that could do it?
  • When the global reset takes place and the price of gold is set free will gold prices float freely backing the currencies?
  • what will happen to credit card debt, back taxes owed, etc., during a reset?
  • Is it better to sell your home now and get a better one when the economy goes into correction mode?
  • If China has setup an exact monetary policy system as the US doesn’t that mean the fiat system eventually is going to be the same? If so, how is that better?