Lynette Zang: History Shows A 100% Record Of Returning To Gold After The Hyperinflation

Using established history as her guide, Lynette says it is certain we’re going back to some sort of gold standard after the hyperinflation. Here’s why…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Topics covered:

Question 1: I’ve read that one of the reasons we haven’t experienced hyperinflation is because the banks have placed QE reserves they received at the Central Bank where they are receiving more interest $ than they could in other instruments. I have heard Lynette say that the banks have no reserves; they have either lent them all out or distributed them to executive compensation or buybacks. So which is correct?
Question 2: My question is that if the Fed can create currency with the click of their mouse, are they, or why aren’t they creating money and buying physical gold? It would essentially be buying insurance for free.
Question 3: Do you think it would make sense for the US to return to a gold standard and why/why not?
Question 4: IF the US was to default on its China debt, would that in itself constitute a trigger event for the banks?