Lynette Zang: Heck Yeah You Should Be Buying Gold While The Dollar Still Has Any Value Left!

Lynette says to take advantage of dollar strength and convert your wealth into real money while our fiat currency still has any value left. Here’s why…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Questions discussed include:

Question 1. I remember you saying that at some point it’s time to transfer from gold and silver into property and maybe back into other assets. Does that mean after that we should never keep any more precious metals? And what if there should be another default on the SDR or whatever else they have created? Wouldn’t we want some insurance for the possible future again?

Question 2. During this transfer of wealth and reset how does this affected publicly traded companies? Companies that are financially sound, providing products and or services that are deemed necessities?

Question 3. Do I understand that the IMF or SDR is at the center of the reset and only replacing the Deep State Bank Cartel not actually getting rid of the Rothchild banking system? If so what’s the point?

Question 4. When many of the European countries dumped their currencies and adopted the Euro, was that considered a Reset?

Question 5. Since 2008 the central bank has printed a huge amount of money. If printing a lot of money creates inflation, why have we not seen a ton of inflation?