Lynette Zang: China Has Positioned Itself With Oil And Gold In Anticipation Of The Global Reset

Lynette Zang says the launch of the Petroyuan is huge. Here’s what it means for the U.S. dollar and for gold…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

It’s clear that insiders (those running the corporations) are taking advantage of these manipulated markets. Technology holds the top sector with a whopping $1 of buying to $421.74 of selling.

Equifax Insider Trading Update

The former chief information officer of Equifax, Jun Ying, has been criminally charged with using insider information to sell his shares, before the data breach was leaked to the public. Will there be more?

China’s Government Takes Over Anbang. Why Should We Care?

In an attempt to get in front of a looming financial crisis, the Chinese regulators seized control of Anbang and has begun to liquidate some of the dozen luxury properties acquired, like the Waldorf Astoria. They are likely to do so at a loss, since the CRE market has already begun to turn down. Is Anbang just the tip of the leverage iceberg?

White House Winds Changing?

With recent tariffs on aluminum and steel put in place and the recent presidential block of Broadcom taking over Qualcomm for national security reasons, things are changing in Washington. It’s not small that the Yuan entered the SDR basket in 2016 legitimizing it as a global reserve currency. On March 26th the Yuan Oil Futures begin trading. Is this the nail in the Petro Dollars coffin?