Lynette Zang: Central Banks Are Using Their Time Before The Reset To Accumulate Gold

The central banks have been calling for a financial system reset since 2013, and ever since, they’ve been buying gold. Here’s what it means…

Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Insiders have been busy leading up to February. In fact, Goldman Sachs reports that, during the recent stock rout, they had their busiest week ever as buybacks surged 4.5 times last years average corporate buying.

Snap has made Even Spiegel a very wealthy man and apparently, a very lucky one too. On February 3rd some huge buyer made Snap stock gap up from $13ish to $21ish. Perhaps they know something we don’t. Oh Snap!

It’s All About Confidence

And for the Fed’s next magic trick…Interbank Lending is discontinued. Banks lending to each other provided liquidity during past crisis. But that support dried up during the 2008 crisis leaving central banks, as the lender of last resort.

And while we’re told everything is fine, this graph shows the loss of confidence banks have in each other’s solvency (ability to repay a loan).

Real Money Gold

Central banks have been calling for a financial system reset since, at least, 2013. They know the old system has been on life support since 2008. They’ve been using this time to accumulate gold. Wouldn’t it make sense to follow their lead?