Lynette Zang: $2400 Gold Is ‘CHUMP CHANGE’ Because Gold Is Going Much Much Higher

Lynette says there’s no other option than to reset the global monetary system to gold, and the price is going to be reset very high. Here’s the details…

Lynette Zang interviewed by Jason Burack on Wall St For Main St

During this 50+ minute interview, Jason asks Lynette about a number of topics including:
1) Why despite Fed rate hikes the last 12 months and massive QE from the ECB and BOJ the US Dollar is sputtering?
2) Is the bond bull market over?
3) Why do so many Americans favor crypto currencies to precious metals now?
4) Will China’s credit bubble pop before other credit bubbles and asset bubbles burst?

Lynette thinks that despite Fed rate hikes, that the political elites in the US and Europe still want to implement negative interest rates and a cashless society (using block chain technology and some type of crypto currency) on the regular people on Main St, USA. Do you agree?

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