Louis Cammarosano: The U.S. Likely Has All Its Gold (Only The Govt & Fed Can’t Talk About It)

Louis has a timely update on the movement of gold around the globe we’ve seen lately, and he has some thoughts on the Fort Knox gold. Here’s the details…

Louis Cammarosano interviewed on X22 Report Spotlight

Louis joins Dave on the X22 Report Spotlight for a timely update on gold.

Many countries have been repatriating their gold, and many countries have been actively adding to their gold holdings.

Louis breaks it all down to discuss what this could mean with the various nations – China, Germany and Russia to name just a few of the countries Louis discusses.

Additional topics include:

  • The globally-connected central banking system
  • The paper ponzi schemes
  • Fort Knox gold and why the Fed and the government can’t talk about gold at all.

For all those topics and more, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: