London Analyst: Gold Is The ONLY Option As ALL Fiat Currencies Are DOOMED

Alasdair MacLeod tells Silver Doctors between the trade wars and a possible hot war with Russia, the only safe hedge is gold. Here’s more…

Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research at GoldMoney, Interviewed by Silver Doctors

MacLeod says the current trade conflict between China and the U.S. was sparked by the release of the oil futures contract price in Yuan.

What’s China’s next move?

China could stop buying U.S. debt, he says.

MacLeod says the U.S. is provoking a conflict with Russia. “This could get nasty,” he says.

The equities will fall into a bear market, possibly falling over 80 percent, he warns. That would put the Dow at about 5,000. However, if we see massive inflation, equities could skyrocket in dollar value, but still plummet in real value.