Lior Gantz: No Further Resistance In Gold Up to $1400

Lior says that gold is facing its most significant test yet, but watch these levels, especially come December, and we might just get a serious break-out in price…

Lior Gantz interviewed on Pallisade Radio

If you look at the 2011-2017 gold chart, we are facing the most significant trial yet says Lior. We managed to break through support, but that is being re-tested. If we can maintain support, we should see no further resistance up to $1400. This outcome is contingent on what the Federal Reserve does in December.


Editor’s Note: We have maintained for some time now that there have been no gold “surges” of $100 so far in 2017. 

In fact, gold is right where it was a year ago, gold has been higher than it was a year ago, and the up-trend is clear. At one point, from the lows last December to the high on September 8th, gold is up $240. In gold, just like there has been very little consolidation this year in silver as well, the gold price really needs to work it’s way up past $1350 sooner than later. The election night $70 surge show the price can move in a hurry. With Israel striking Syria, Iran and North Korea heating up again, all of Europe in chaos of the political, social, and monetary kind, there sure are several catalysts for one of those surges.


We could certainly use the boost to confidence that a surge would provide. Is this the week we finally see a surge in gold, silver, or both?

If we do see that surge, Lior’s $1400 gold price target may be on the low side…