Lior Gantz: Gold Will Rally To At Least $1700

Lior says gold will rally to $1700. Here’s how gold will get there and how long it will take…

Lior Gantz interviewed by Jason Burack on Wall St for Main St

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason asks Lior about the current global macro situation given the Fed hiking rates this week and the ECB and BOJ still doing QE and whether a strong US Dollar on the US Dollar Index (because of a mostly weak Euro) will be a strong headwind for gold?

Lior thinks that gold is holding up pretty strongly despite a strong US Dollar and that over the next few years gold will rally to at least $1700/oz in US Dollars.

Jason also asks Lior about Bitcoin and the crypto currencies now that there’s even more blood on the streets in crypto currency prices as Bitcoin is now Below $7,000 and Bitcoin is dangerously close to its marginal cost of production for commercial scale mining.

Lior also talks about artificial intelligence, how he thinks technology companies in the US and China are extremely well positioned for the future of technology and Lior also discusses why he thinks the marijuana industry will be a big future growth industry for investors to pay attention to.

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