Lior Gantz: China Dumping U.S. Debt Changes EVERYTHING

Lior says that there’s big changes happening and they are laid out for all to see via the U.S. bond market. Here’s the details…

Lior Gantz interviewed by Rory Hall on The Daily Coin

Lior and Rory come together for a timely interview on the latest happenings in the market.

For those who are unaware, there was a stir in the mainstream financial news (Bloomberg) this week saying that China was considering halting their purchases of US Treasuries (bills, notes, bonds, etc).

Then there was a story saying China never said that.

Nonetheless, the implications of this are huge.

That is where the conversation between Rory and Lior begins, and it only gets more important from there.

Tune in to this timely interview in its entirety below: