Legendary Gold Investor Jim Sinclair ‘Doubts’ Gold Confiscation Will Happen With Trump

sinclairResponding to in inquiry regarding the likely price the government would reimburse gold owners in the event of a confiscation, Legendary Gold Expert Jim Sinclair Explains the Risk of Gold Confiscation Just Went Way Down:

From JSMineset:

(CIGA Dismal Dave) to all our Canadian Friends

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Mr Sinclair,

Of the many computer internet videos and articles about gold/silver seen, I have never heard mention the official price of these metals mentioned. If the government confiscate these metals as was done in 1933, would the reimbursement result be the official price of gold that is $42.22 an ounce?
The law from 1933 is still in the books. I know this question is almost impossible to answer, but I would appreciate very much if you gave me your opinion.

CIGA Ernest


With a new administration confiscation becomes less a problem. Certainly it if was to occur you would get market price at the time of announcement.

Our present President is not a career criminal.

I doubt it will happen.


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