We Are In The Next Leg Up For This Gold Bull Market

“I would have to see gold go into the $1,200’s for me to even think that the next leg up isn’t coming this year”

Lawrence Lepard on Palisade Radio

Lawrence feels the technical picture for the next gold bull market looks very good particularly now that it has moved through 1365. This is the next leg up, and this coming next rally will be driven by a loss of confidence in the policies of central banks. The coming bull market will bring a lot of opportunities and potential leverage for investors.

Gold and Bitcoin will be an important part of the solution to the excess printing of central banks. Investors need to keep an open mind.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Current action in gold.
2:50 – Mining stocks and juniors.
5:50 – Upside and risk in mining.
7:40 – Spotting trends and opportunities.
12:50 – Does luck play a role?
15:00 – Market psychology will change at some point.
19:30 – Books that influenced him.
23:00 – World will be better after the crisis.