Know This To Protect Yourself From The Coming Crash: Shields Are Made Out Of Metal NOT Paper

Lynette Zang says central banks are loading up on gold, which, and along with silver, can do two things better than any other form of money can…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

The move to cashless is not new. Bankers have been nudging us in that direction since the 1920’s. It’s just that technology is finally catching up with the dream. But they want it to be YOUR choice.

Central bankers know the debt and leverage build up in the global financial system since 2008. They know the next financial crisis will be much bigger than the last…they all are. They know that explosion will be a black hole event sucking up any wealth held in the system.

Since the crisis global central bankers have been loading up on gold, the primary currency metal. Even the Bank for International Settlements, the central bankers central bank, shows commodity money (gold and silver) as the largest form of money that is “widely accessible” and “peer-to-peer” in their money flower that is OUTSIDE of their control.

So where can you go to protect your wealth, privacy and independence? Physical gold and silver…real money. It’s certainly the largest part of my money flower too.