Keith Neumeyer: We Need A $10,000 Gold Price So Countries Can Reset Their Debt

Keith says the world will inflate away the debt with more money printing, or there will be a global debt reset, but gold needs to be much higher. Here’s why…

Keith Neumeyer interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

In this timely interview, Keith is back to discuss the latest fundamental factors affecting both gold and silver as well as the current status of the mining sector.

In this latest interview, Dave from X22 Report and Keith discuss:

  • How countries around the world can handle their debt through either massive money printing or a debt reset.
  • What a gold price and silver price would look like in a reset.
  • What fundamental factors are affecting gold & silver prices right now.
  • Happenings in gold and silver mining as well as the “boom and bust” nature of mining.
  • Where we are in terms of the current “boom and bust” cycle.
  • Precious metals price suppression and manipulation of markets.

For all those topics and more, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: