Keith Neumeyer & Craig Hemke Give A Critical Mid-2018 Gold & Silver Update

Halfway through 2018, the expert on all things silver in the ground and the expert on all things gold & silver above the ground give a critical update…

Every Gold Bug and every Silver Bug had high hopes for 2018 as we began a decent rally in December of 2017.

But by mid to late January, 2018, those hopes fizzled, and we have been stuck in what I call the “sideways channel of pure agony” ever since.

So now that we’re half of the way though 2018, how are things looking for the rest of the year?

Don’t worry, there’s two heavy-hitter experts who discuss just that.

Here we have Keith Neumeyer and Craig Hemke giving a remarkable roundtable discussion with Lior Gantz on Wealth Research Group

Tune in to the interview to the roundtable discussion in its entirety below:

Keep in mind a few things when pondering where we’ve come and where we are going:

  • Gold & silver are in bull trends since bottoming in December, 2015. Sure, since late 2016 they’ve been generally down in price, especially silver, but since bottoming in 2015, gold is up over 24% and silver is up over 20%.
  • Fundamental matter. Fundamentals will assert themselves sooner or later.
  • Precious metals price suppression cannot go on forever. The market manipulations seem like they can, but while paper and digital fiat is infinite, real, phsycial metal is not.
  • Peak gold and peak silver are real. Combine that with an increasing cost of production, and the floor for the price of metals must rise.
  • Inflation is real and inflation is here and now. There’s a reason gold and silver are also known as “a hedge against inflation”.

Those are just five bullet points to keep in mind, in addition to the over fifty minutes of top notch analysis in the video above.

The bottom line is this: Nothing has fundamentally changed.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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