Trader: I Believe There Are Times To Own Gold & This Has Been A Great Year For It

Collapsing yields are good for gold, a precious metal which is also a tactical tool that will benefit from inflation fears. Here’s more… 

from Palisade Radio with Juilette Declercq

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Juliette discusses how this year has been surprising due to the amount of political self-destruction. Increasingly the economies of the world are being run into the ground. In spite of the incompetence of politicians and central bankers, consumers have shown surprising resilience. She sees gold as a tactical tool that will benefit from inflation fears, and there are times when investors should have it in their portfolio.

Time Stamp References:
0:35 – Her early career choice.
2:30 – Market outlook and world politics.
5:40 – Where is gold headed?
7:35 – Experience and mistakes in the market.
8:40 – Favorite books and author.
10:10 – Copper’s predictive powers.