Julian Assange Gets Arrested And Paper Gets Dumped: Gold Just Lost $1300, Silver Just Lost $15

Here is the latest on the arrest of Julian Assange and the steady dumping of paper gold & paper silver onto the “market” since 7:14 a.m. EST…

Julian Assange has been arrested.

Image of arrest:

Image source.

President Trump has not released a statement or even mentioned it via Twitter.

It will surely be awkward when he does, because, well, see for yourself:

You see, Candidate Trump, in part, was elected because of Tweets like that.

More coverage on the arrest:

From CNN:

London (CNN)Police entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London Thursday morning, arresting Julian Assange and bringing the WikiLeaks founder’s seven-year stint there to a dramatic close.

Metropolitan Police said in a statement that he was “further arrested” on his arrival at a London police station on behalf of United States authorities, who have issued an extradition warrant.
The UK Home Office confirmed the extradition request in a statement, adding, “He is accused in the United States of America of computer related offences.”
Officers made the initial move to arrest Arrange after Ecuador withdrew his asylum and invited authorities into the embassy, citing the Australian’s bad behavior.
 Assange was initally detained for “failing to surrender to the court” over a warrant issued in 2012 and was in custody at a central London police station, police said.
He will appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London as soon as is possible, police added.

Gold & silver have come under heavy “selling”, especially since 7:14 a.m. EST:

Because, well, you know – when Freedom & Liberty are under attack, selling gold & silver are the first thing a person must do!

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Flash sale on silver.

Same as for gold.

It won’t last long.

Because price.

Is not at all

The true.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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