Joseph Meyer: Gold To Finish 2017 Up 20% To Close At A Price Of $1,415

A compelling case for $1,415 gold. Like 1977, 1987 and 2007, Joseph says gold’s move up is not done until it’s up 20 percent. Here’s why…

Joseph Meyer interviewed on Operation Freedom

In this interview, Joseph Meyer begins with a discussion of the U.S. labor markets, including a discussion about whether we can trust the data coming from the BLS.

Other topics include:

  • Preparations and contingency plans of the TBTF banks and governments in the case of nuclear war and/or WWIII
  • Indicators showing just how over-extended and over-valued these markets have become
  • Current status of the bond markets including the super-cycle US Bond Bull Market
  • Current state of the real estate markets
  • Precious metals price suppression and market manipulation
  • Sovereign gold reserves, including the U.S. gold reserves, as well as those of China and Russia
  • 4 advantages of Bitcoin and 6 disadvantages of Bitcoin

The conversation then shits to the one asset class that will protect. Those are hard assets in general, and gold and silver specifically.

Joseph says the game is now over for the precious metals price suppression schemes around the world.

Gold and silver are very undervalued right now, and there is a very small percentage of the population in precious metals at this point.

Once investors come back into the market, the metals will begin their new super-cycle bull market

All that and more in this must listen interview: