John Adams: The Great Australian Gold Scandal

We should all be very concerned as John connects the dots from Australia’s mismanaged gold, to the Bank of England, to other nation’s gold holdings…

John Adams interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Australia’s national gold holdings were already reduced by two-thirds in the 1990s. Why haven’t we been told that the remaining reserves are being held 99% outside the country, never been properly audited, and are now being leased away in increasing amounts?

John Adams, chief economist for GoodAsGold Australia, and founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to report how he has been blowing the whistle to bring an end to the defacto cover-up by the official government, banking, and media powers.

Adams also connects the dots from Australia’s mismanaged gold holdings, to the Bank of England (BoE), to the London Metal Exchange, to all other countries’ misplaced gold holdings, and why we should all be very concerned!

Official Reserve Bank of Australia response following John Adam’s whistleblowing:…