Jim Willie: U.S. Dollar To Drop 90% When China & Russia Launch Gold-Backed Currency

Jim says the hyperinflation and shortages will get so bad that we could see roaming bands of armed looters in search of food right here in the USA…

Jim Willie interviewed on Rethinking The Dollar

Jim Willie interviewed by Rethinking the Dollar

In this episode of RTD Live Talk, Jim explains what the “Scheisse Dollar” is all about.

Jim says that once the dollar is overtaken and loses its global reserve currency status, the new dollar will be required for use domestically. Jim says the dollar will have wretched fundamentals that resemble a third world country.

Looking at the issue deeper, Jim discusses what the collapse looks like in the United States, which Jim says possibly will include roving bands of looters from the poor areas of the country looking for food for survival.

Other topics in this interivew include:

  • China, Russia and the Brics
  • Bitcoin and cyrptocurrency
  • Gold and silver
  • Petroyuan (including convertibility to gold)
  • MSM Propaganda