Jim Willie: Trump Shocked The U.S. Has NO GOLD That We Desperately Need For The Global Reset

Jim says we need gold to join the global reset, but the U.S. only hasĀ 8,000 tons Of gold-plated tungsten, and China isn’t selling. Here’s more…

Jim Willie interviewed on Rogue Money

Jim Willie returns to Rogue Money for an important update on all the latest economic and geo-political happenings around the world.

Topics in Jim’s latest interview include:

  • Fall of the U.S. Dollar / De-dollarization
  • The economic trade zone of China, Iran and Russia
  • CIPS – The competitor to SWIFT
  • Gold and the importance of gold in global trade
  • Oil and the Middle East
  • The launch of the Petroyuan and the inability of the West to control it
  • The Gold Trade Note to be used in international trade
  • A gold backed Chinese yuan
  • The geo-political importance of what is going on with Iran
  • Fort Knox gold theft by Bush, Clinton and Ruben
  • The importance of gold in the coming global reset

For all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: